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Another development has arisen surrounding former Planning Minister Julio de Vido’s involvement in the ongoing Notebook Scandal after the former official’s doorman reported seeing the De Vido removing “three huge safes” just before his apartment building was raided in 2016,

A date has finally been set.

On October 30th, at the Comodoro Py Federal Courthouse, the so-called “K Money Trail” case, which investigates whether there was a money laundering scheme set up to embezzle assets when Cristina Fernández de Kirchner …

This week, the Macri administration is seeking to finalize its 2019 Budget agreement as soon as possible with Argentina’s governors, who will be meeting with the president tomorrow at the Casa Rosada. The meeting is seen by many in government

Fake news may not have affected an electoral process in Argentina like it did in the US 2016 elections or the Brexit referendum, but according to a multi-national survey recently released by consulting firm Ipsos, this phenomenon has definitely

President Macri will soon be traveling to New York during the last week of September to participate in the next General Assembly of the United Nations—which US President Donald Trump will be the hosting—and to receive the ninth Atlantic Council’s

After a period of uncertainty and trepidation, the ruling Cambiemos Party began to celebrate over the weekend after the first reports of exit polls conducted early on Sunday confirmed the re-election victory of Cambiemos mayor Pedro Dellarossa in the Córdoba

A convoy of excavators and specialized equipment made its way to the Province of Santa Cruz during the weekend, tasked with finding containers full of ill-gotten money in a ranch owned by Lázaro Báez, the fallen-from-grace businessman and Kirchnerite associate. …

President Mauricio Macri chose caution over optimism when talking about the fact that the Argentine peso has appreciated against the US dollar for the third day in a row today, after the sharp run on the currency and devaluation from …

Kirchnerite financier Ernesto Clarens joined the ranks of the repentant yesterday and presented a plea bargain before Federal Judge Claudio Bonadio at the Comodoro Py courts as part of ongoing investigations into the Notebook Scandal, the corruption case currently rocking …

An Argentine hydrographic ship approached the maritime zone currently under the control of the British authorities— about 40 kilometers from the Malvinas Islands— on September 2 and was quickly intercepted by an British warship, local media learned today.

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