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Politicians — They’re Just Like Us! Photo Of Governor Vidal Eating McDonald’s Goes Viral

By | [email protected] | November 18, 2016 1:47pm


Argentina’s current political administration keeps trying (really hard) to convince us that Cambiemos politicians are real live human beings just like us. After The President’s failed attempt to make us believe he was riding a bus in Pilar, it looks like Buenos Aires Province’s governor María Eugenia Vidal is noticeably better at getting people to relate to her.

In a new edition of Mariú, Another Day in the Life, she is seen sitting at a table in a McDonald’s somewhere in Buneos Aires Province. We can see the empty burger box her 7-year-old son Pedro had sitting in front of her, she’s grabbing a bite of a salad while talking on the phone.

That’s right. Mariú is one of those people who gets a salad at McDonald’s. Remember that.

Rumors of it being staged aside, she definitely nailed the relatable working mom image — answering phone calls while having a quick lunch on the go with her son. Sheryl Sandberg would be proud.

Food is an easy sell. Burgers and beer aren’t just for Palermo hipsters. Politicians love them too! Obama knew how to connect to the hungry masses, though his choice of food-on-the-go seems a little more appealing than a McDonald’s salad. Today’s take away? Being a politician really does come down to choices.