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Chaco: 13 Year-Old Killed in Looting Attempt

The event took place in the city of Presidencia Roque Sáenz Peña.

By | [email protected] | September 4, 2018 10:19am

lmdiarioPhoto via LM Diario

A 13-year-old boy died after being shot in the chest last night, in the context of a looting attempt to a supermarket in the city of Presidencia Sáenz Peña, in the northern province of Chaco. In a radio interview, Minister of Provincial Public Security Carlos Barsesa explained how the events unfolded: “A group of about 50 people tried to enter the supermarket. They argued with the owner, who then shut the supermarket’s doors. However, they broke windows and glass doors, and that’s when police intervened to try to clear the crowd. After a while, many more people, close to 80, returned,” he recounted.

It was in this second clash when the adolescent, whose name has not been revealed, received a gunshot to the chest. By the time he was taken to 4 de Junio Hospital, he was already dead. Further into the interview, Barsesa confirmed that lead bullets were fired from within the supermarket, and indicated he would conduct an investigation to determine from which gun they originated.

It still has not been confirmed that a police officer was responsible for the killing; following the events, security forces seized a caliber 22 pistol and five tumberas (a colloquial way of referring to “homemade” guns, due to the fact that most of them are made in prison, as tumbero is the adjective used to describe prison-made artifacts) and therefore the investigation has to determine whether the shot could have come out of any of these weapons that were not used by security forces.

After the news about the events surfaced, provincial Governor Domingo Peppo took to Twitter to assure “the community of Saenz Peña” that, “considering today’s [yesterday’s] events, I ordered police to quickly intervene and have reinforcements ready to prevent any other situation [of the kind].”

However, he then assured that he had also “ordered a thorough investigation about the unfortunate event that is the loss of a life.” “We will cooperate with the judiciary to determine who was responsible,” the tweet adds.

In another passage of the interview, Barsesa argued that the looting attempt can be explained by a “social situation that is heated up.”

“We are talking about an extremely vulnerable neighborhood, which basically has no resources. It was a tense situation and we have to work toward relieving the social situation, because people are on the edge. We have consider the fact that this could happen all over the country,” he added.

As a result of the preliminary investigations, 19 people have been detained.