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Pokemon Go Has Arrived, Cue Memes And Concern Over Cell Phone Theft

By | [email protected] | August 4, 2016 3:26pm


It’s been just short of a month since the zombie apocalypse broke out Pokemon Go was launched in the United States and after weeks of being taunted by rumors of its arrival and social media users bragging about their successful midnight journeys to Central Park, Argentina can finally join in on the, slightly dangerous, fun.

However, while some New Yorkers seem just fine leaving their car in the middle of the street, keys in the ignition, to stumble after a digital monster, some Argentines are worried about their phones getting stolen from their cold hands while trying to catch a Vaporeon.

Among those concerned are the Casa Rosada and your everyday porteños.

“Pay attention. Avoid accidents.”

Players walk with their chins tucked to their chests and phones stretched out in front of them as if they were lightsabers and Darth Vader were before them threatening to turn their twin sister to the dark side, so it’s no wonder people are worried about a spike in cell phone theft.

However, this is not a foreign concept to all Pokemon Go players, there have been various arrests throughout the United States of cell phone thieves targeting or taking advantage of Pokemon Go players.

“I hope that go out to the street to play pokemon go and get their phones stolen.”

“When Pokemon GO arrived in Argentina they should have put up a thief detection on the map, to avoid being robbed.”

I would like to think that Argentina will have learned from other players’ Pokemon Go mistakes but this game has powers that we haven’t encountered before, so I expect nothing less than stampedes in every park.

“Forget about it, I’ll also be an idiot playing Pokemon Go when it arrives, I want pikachu at all costs.”

Be smart out there kids and be sure to look up every once in a while.

“I’m opening pokemon go”

“So that they don’t rob me”

“This green up there to the right is Plaza Once. I don’t know if the little blue things are pokemons or pickpockets.”

“The people are crazy looking for pokemons”

“A strategy to attract clients #PokemonGoArg”

“I gave myself over to #pokemon fever and I left for the streets with mate in hand because #pikachu. Goodbye dignity?”

“The taxis are already against #PokemonGoArgentina”

“The only pokeball that I’m interested in”