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‘Poke-Taxi’ Lets You Play Pokemon Go While Seated In A Cab

By | [email protected] | August 5, 2016 11:54am


Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm, or more so by stampede, which is a surprise to many of us considering it’s a game that keeps you constantly on the move and always on your feet. In fact one British player claims he walked the equivalent of five marathons while conquering poke-world and lost 28 pounds in the process. For others, this virtual reality doesn’t have the same appeal as sitting on the basement floor battling with cards. For those more keen on conquering Pokemon Go from a seated position, Juan Pablo may have a solution for you.

Juan Pablo is a taxi driver turned Poke-taxi who is now offering a Pokemon Go chauffeur service to help players catch poke-balls. Pablo takes players across the City of Buenos Aires wherever the they want to go for 150 pesos per hour. He called the idea ridiculous but said that it has brought him a lot of business.

He created a Twitter account yesterday morning, disclosed his services to the Internet and has already received nearly 700 favorites and 1,000 retweets.

“Pokemon chauffeur service, we cross the city to capture them all. Security, comfort and good vibes. Call me 1531754120 #PokemonGo”

Juan Pablo said that the idea seemed fun to him and also explained that it would be a way to help players seek poke-balls “safely without having to walk.” Dare I call this a genius business plan?

Juan Pablo posted the tweet yesterday morning and managed to go on a successful 40-minute Pokemon excursion by midday. Pablo’s first poke-taxi clients also chronicled their experiences on Snapchat. Two of the 10 pokemons escaped on that trip but Juan Pablo reassured us that it was because the players weren’t on the right level. Not a bad a track record if you ask me.

Pokemon Go was released in Argentina on Wednesday and Argentines have not hesitated to download it and join in on the mayhem and now, not even laziness can hold you back from catching ’em all.