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Picketers Blocking Access To Ezeiza Airport Forcibly Evicted By Police

By | [email protected] | June 2, 2016 1:53pm


Police forces forcibly removed a group of protestors picketing on Richieri Highway, just meters from Ezeiza International Airport, this morning. Though there were some instances of violence in the ensuing skirmish, no serious injuries have been reported.

Security guards protesting layoffs in the Securitas Argentina company had been partially blocking vehicles’ access to the international airport, creating traffic jams and forcing people flying out of Ezeiza to make their way to the terminal on foot.

According to press reports, police forces advanced on protestors to forcibly evict them from the site. There were some blows but no serious injuries, according to reports.

This is far from the first time picketers have blocked access to Ezeiza: in fact, just in April workers from Securitas staged another protest against “unfavorable” work conditions.

Pickets — or protests that block roads — are technically illegal in Argentina (but yes, they happen all the time). Back in December, President Mauricio Macri’s administration presented a “Protest Protocol” setting rules for protestors (yes, we laughed too) and prohibiting pickets. Security Minister Patricia Bullrich upped the ante in February when, during a nationwide protest over the imprisonment of social leader Milagro Sala that saw some 200 road blocks erected throughout the country, she said that henceforth, picketers would have 10 minutes to clear the area before security forces intervened.

“If they still don’t move, we will proceed to free the road. Security forces will have authorization to take immediate action,” she said back then. “There will be minimal use of legitimate violence, but without firearms.”