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Did You Hear the One About the Dog Scamming Students in Rosario?

The mystery behind "perro vaca" has finally been revealed.

By | [email protected] | July 2, 2019 9:20am

Untitled design (9)Perro Vaca, AKA Blanqui

The students at the Rosario School of Law had, for years, grown accustomed to perro vaca, a fat, kind of disheveled old street dog that would roam the hallways and classrooms of their faculty for days at a time. Not only that, but they had also made a habit of feeding the honorary canine student, won over by his giant “please feed me” eyes and his absolute refusal to say no to any food offering.

He was a mainstay at the school, a sort of unofficial mascot if you will. So imagine everybody’s surprise when Twitter user @manadigiur revealed that not only did perro vaca have an owner and a home but he actually answered to the name… Blanqui. Here’s the first tweet that reads: “Ppening a thread about how this son of a bitch scammed the entire Rosario School of Law:”

He then goes on to describe the relationship between the dog and the students, with a palpable tone of sarcasm throughout: “As soon as you begin your studies at the faculty, this four-legged friend is the first one that greets you; with his gorgeous snout he manages to soften you up with the help of his unique obesity and that ‘gimme food’ face:”

The Twitter user then explains perro vaca‘s charms: “We don’t know how but he takes ALL THE CLASSES. He’s always there, asking for food and seducing with his charms, making everybody believe he’s an abandoned stray dog:”

The user then goes on to explain how the dog managed to fool a beloved teacher of the faculty into giving him churros (!), and how he even sits at a butcher’s shop every day until he’s given food. He finally goes on to make the great reveal with the following tweet that reads “TODAY WE UNMASKED YOU. Perro vaca is actually called Blanqui, he has an owner, sleeps in a warm sofa every day, has all his vaccines and recently had surgery:”

The thread has received over 60,000 retweets and has received over 2,300 replies so far, making perro vaca a viral sensation. A guy came out and said he likes to take pictures of the dog during the summer, while a girl came out and said that she’s seen the dog at Ni Una Menos marches. “I love you perro vaca, I don’t care if you’re a scammer,” she added.

Not much is known about him after the news of his true identity broke out so it remains to be seen if his new found fame has any impact on how he’s perceived by the law students. My bet is that, although some will be hesitant to give him food, the vast majority will still find his face too damn cute to resist. I know I would. Good boy, Blanqui.


It turns out all this media coverage has encouraged Blanqui’s mom, Silvana González, to speak out and share her side of the story. A couple of days ago, Twitter user Giuli shared what seems to be screenshots of a Facebook post. Basically, she explains that beloved Blanqs was a “community dog” – meaning that he didn’t have one true owner but was looked after by everyone – and that he spent most of his life on the street in the company of his buddy Ojito. After one not-so-cool neighbor kept removing the box where the doggos slept, Silvana decided to give him a safe place to sleep every night, no matter what.

Ojito died after growing old and getting ill (ok, hold on, I’m crying all over my keyboard), and after going through his own grieving process, Blanqui was ready to return to the routine of callejeando and then coming home for dinner and bed.

Anyway, in case you can’t read it all – even though you should, basically this post is the best thing you’ll read all year –  we selected some of the greatest – and most heart-warming – highlights.

“[Once he recovered from Ojito’s death], Blanqui started taking law classes, or at least we found out he was visiting the school,” Silvana explains. And then she addresses the haters who came out of the woodwork when the original Twitter thread went viral; many people assumed that the dog’s owners were neglecting him or not ensuring he was safe and cared for.

“To all of those that judge me for letting him out, if I didn’t – and I’ve tried – he doesn’t go to the bathroom, he doesn’t eat, he gets super depressed. He’s a born callejero, he loves the street, he loves the Law School, the river, groups of people, marches, protests in Plaza San Martín, he’s first in line at the March 24 and #NiUnaMenos rallies, no matter what, he’s there, and always with a buddy barking alongside the people. “

Silvana even shared the names of Blanqui’s vets that have taken care of him, as proof that she’s not doing her part as a dog mom. In closing her post, she added: “We respect his freedom. Don’t worry, the day I see that he’s too old or in any kind of danger, he won’t go out on his own. We’ll walk  him on a leash with his friend Bartolo, like we do when the weather is cold and grey, and we’ll ensure he gets used to it.”

So if you find yourself in Rosario taking a law class, be sure to bring a treat for everyone’s favorite perro vaca. OK, I’m going to keep crying now.