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Mujica’s ‘Old Hag’ Cumbia Hits Web Faster Than Expected

By | [email protected] | April 7, 2013 6:31pm


So word in town is that Pepe Mujica, President of Uruguay, is a nice, humbled-by-its-past, mate aficionado dude. Most people find it even heart-warming how this chubby little muffin refuses to travel on private planes and rather prefers to travel in economy class on commercial planes while drinking mate and reminiscing much simpler times.

But then, with his soft, old town manners and paisano accent, he said this. And now we’re not his biggest fans, it seems. That bastard! And here we were all thinking it was all lovey-dovey between Cristina and now-ignorant-and-despotic Pepe.

Apparently, this behavior of his is not so uncommon and the guy likes to err… be casual. So casual that he has been thought of being a bit cuckoo.

But still, lets’ just give the old man a break! Sure, calling Cristina “an old hag” and Nestor Kirchner a “one-eyed” can sound a bit rude, but there’s a silver lining to all this. After all, his cheeky remarks have spawned the “old hag” cumbia song a lot faster than we expected. Enjoy.