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Princess Doll With ‘Spare Parts’ Causes Freak Out

By | [email protected] | December 20, 2014 6:25pm


In what appears to be the latest conservative call to arms, a toy dubiously named “muñeca trans” (“trans doll”) is causing quite a stir in some social media circles and in one unfortunate toy shop in Once.

The controversy started when a concerned mother (and apparent ardent wholesale shopper) posted a photo of a doll she bought at a “mayorista” in everyone’s favorite neighborhood to avoid – Once.  Journalist Nancy Pazos got wind of the story and published a photo of the seemingly innocent princess doll that was in fact packing some serious heat in the form of tiny plastic male sex organs.

Parents took to the twittersphere and had a collective freak out, saying that the doll could have a negative impact on the development of children and would probably make them gay if they were allowed to play with this adorable example of gender non-conformity. The left of course lashed back saying this was a good thing, and would open young little minds to the varied array of gender expressions and identities.

This is the photo shared around social media:

Most of us however were left with a weird feeling that we had just checked out a princess doll’s junk, and have decided to give Once a high five for keeping things interesting.

Merry Christmas?