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Paula Maffía to Open for Patti Smith at Luna Park in November

You can still buy tickets to the concert on November 21st.

By | [email protected] | July 31, 2019 12:00pm

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The rumors are true. Patti Smith is coming to Buenos Aires. As we anxiously await the punk rock legend’s arrival to nuestro país, it seems that with every day a new tidbit of information about her visit is revealed. Turns out the concert will take place on November 21st of this year and be held in Luna Park, the iconic arena that has seen performances by artists like Rodrigo and Sinatra – but now, apparently, might be sold to a European investment firm that wants to build an office building in its place.

But here’s the question that we’re sure’s been haunting you: who on earth will receive the honor of opening for the punk poet laureate herself? The woman who no-pun-intended *rocked* the New York City punk world with her 1975 album Horses, fused rock and poetry like no else ever has, and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2007. Who can possibly share the stage with the one and only Patti Smith?

Wonder no longer. Selected for the coveted opening act is – drum roll, ladies and gentlemen – Paula Maffía. The alt-indie Argentine singer is perhaps best known for her song La Espesura, and has performed with groups like La Cosa Mostra and Las Taradas, though now mostly performs solo. She will also be performing at Palermo’s culture vulture temple, Niceto Club, this Saturday, August 3rd at 9 PM, so buy tickets to get yourself a ‘lil preview for the big show.

The news broke in an announcement to her fans on Twitter by Maffía herself, where she wrote: “Thank to the universe for stroking my back…”

Many reacted to the tweet, most notable among them Ingrid Beck, Charo López and Spotify Argentina’s own account, to which Maffía replied, “Thank you Spotify! Put me on all your playlists, and let’s knock out Ed Sheeran and the hipsters with a bocha de rock.”

In the mean time, as you listen to Because the Night for approximately the 700th time this year, take a short break to dabble in Maffía’s album, Polvo. She may not be Patti Smith, but we have a feeling the overlords who made this decision have quite the head on their shoulders – fans of Patti are sure to love Paula and, dare we say, vice versa.

Patti Smith and Her Band | Luna Park | November 21, 2019 at 9 PM | Buy tickets | Facebook