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One Of Argentina’s Best Restaurants Closes After Casa Rosada Chef Exits

By | [email protected] | August 1, 2016 2:17pm


This weekend, Tarquino served its final dishes before head chef Dante Liporace abruptly closed its doors. The world renowned restaurant, located in Hotel Hub Porteño, hadn’t released any plans of this ahead of time but Liporace, current executive chef for the Casa Rosada and former Tarquino chef, explained the restaurant’s closing in an emotional FaceBook post.

The post stated, “After 6 years, Tarquino has closed. A project that I started with two friends where we shared an idea and a hotel and a dining concept, there were changes in our project (for various reasons) and those concepts were not compatible with my idea of cooking and my idea of cooking is not compatible with the idea of my current partners. Tarquino was my home, I loved it, a lot, but in the end I no longer felt the same and for a chef that is fundamental.”

One can only imagine the drama that must have gone down for Liporace to have been inclined to close one of the best restaurants in the city (and the region for that matter), after six years of success. Someone couldn’t handle the heat, which makes me think reality television just missed out on an opportunity.

Liporace packed his knives and closed Tarquino

Liporace packed his knives and closed Tarquino’s doors. Photo via FaceBook


Tarquino was not only one of the best restaurants in the city but one of the best in Latin America, coming in 48th in the region in 2015. It was also praised for its design and architecture, described by architectural digest as creating a “cinematic atmosphere.”

The most famous aspect of the Liporace culinary experience is his “Sequence of the Cow” or the “Conjugation of Cow,” as he told the New York Times he likes to think of it. This is a ten course meal serving, you guessed it, beef, from head to tail.

Part one of the conjugation of the cow? Photo via FaceBook

Part one of the conjugation of cow? Photo via FaceBook


This is usually the point where restaurant critics advise fine diners to race to put their name down on the waitlist, but that opportunity seems to have slipped through our fingers. Fear not food fans, Liporace has already revealed that he is working on a new project that “will be 100 x 100 Liporace.” So there’s hope for the Liporace experience outside of the Casa Rosada. Who knows, maybe the Conjugation of Cow will return, much to vegetarians despair.