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One Dead, 10 Injured In Salta Earthquake

By | [email protected] | October 19, 2015 1:35pm


The 5.9-magnitude earthquake that rocked Salta Saturday morning left one dead, 10 injured and various homes and structures demolished, including a century-old school.

Alberta Flores (80) suffered fatal injuries after the quake caused her house to collapse. Flores lived in El Galpón, located in the department of Metán (approximately 160 km from Salta) which was one of the areas most affected by the earthquake.

In an interview with El Tribuno, El Galpón mayor Hector Romero confirmed that 18 houses had been completely destroyed, 15 were in bad condition and 40 had been left with fissures.

“Thank God it hit on Saturday because the children were not at the school that collapsed,” said Romero, referring to the 130-year-old elementary school attended by approximately 700 children.

The Institute of Seismic Prevention (Inpres), recorded the epicenter of the 8:33 AM tremors to have been 123 kilometers southeast of the city of Salta. The quake was also felt in the neighboring provinces of Tucumán, Jujuy, Catamarca and Santiago del Estero, as well as in the high rises in Córdoba city. The last major quake in the province was felt in 2010 and had a magnitude of 6.3. It had occurred less than 12 hours after a much larger Chile earthquake, which killed 500 people. Before that, a prominent quake hadn’t hit Salta directly since 1973.

This tremor follows the 8.4 quake that hit the Canela Baja region in Chile exactly a month ago, which was felt in Mendoza, Catamarca, La Rioja, San Juan, Córdoba and the province and city of Buenos Aires.