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Offbeat Argentine Instagram Accounts You Should be Following, Vol. 5

Sci-fi building buzzers, CFK as a fashion icon, and signs lost in translation.

By | [email protected] | June 28, 2019 8:30am

cristina-kirchner-se-va-las-cifras-millonarias-que-la-convierten-en-la-evita-del-siglo-xxiPhoto via ecestaticos

In case you’re not familiar with the popularity of Instagram at the moment, here are some numbers to rock your mind:

  • It is estimated that there are over one billion monthly active users;
  • There have been over 50 billion photos shared on the social media platform so far;
  • Over 4.2 billion “likes” are handed out each day;
  • Pizza is the most Instagrammed food globally, followed by sushi. OK, this stat is kind of a filler, but interesting nonetheless.

So what does this all mean in the grand scheme of things? Well, we here at The Bubble believe it means that we could all use a simple guide to know which accounts are worth following and investing your precious likes. Which is why we’ve compiled not one. Not two. Not three… But four lists of Argentine Instagram recommendations so far. And today we’re going for número cinco. And it’s a special one, indeed.

Our menu includes doorbells from the future, Cristina Kirchner as a fashion icon, and signs lost in translation. So let’s dig in, shall we?

It Doesn’t Translate (@itdoesnttranslate)

A special one for our distinguished Bubble readers, this account’s motto is pretty straight and simple: “Some things just don’t translate. Mixed messages in Buenos Aires, Argentina and beyond.” It Doesn’t Translate is in charge of hunting down stores, products, and anything else that made the decision of christening themselves with English words or terms, yet inadvertently created monickers that are politically incorrect, nonsensical, or downright offensive.

Like, I’m sure the people who own FAG, didn’t mean to offend the entire LGBTQ+ community and that the people who own Redneck’s don’t really understand the whole connotation of the word? Some of these are truly unfortunate, like the nightclub in Morón that is simply called Club Moron, ideal for all the morons out there who still haven’t found their place in the city. Other wonderful examples of these casual mistakes include a store called TITS and another one called Gloom, which I can only imagine sells clothing for porteño emos and goths.

Timbres del Futuro (@timbresdelfuturo)


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A close relative of a couple of past Bubble recommendations Paradas de Bondi and Baby Baranda, this account is offbeatness (just made up that word) at its best. Timbres del Futuro (which translates to “buzzers from the future”) has one mission and one mission only, and that is to search all the streets of Buenos Aires for those buildings that have one of these Star Trek-inspired bad boys by their door. And boy oh boy, do they have a huge array of buzzer flavors to offer. There are some that hang from the ceiling and some that are unnecessarily enormous. There are some that seem like they were designed for a submarine, and then there’s this wheel-shaped oddity that seems inspired by Stanley Kubrick.

I honestly had not stopped to think about this before, but now find myself walking the streets of my barrio in hopes of stumbling upon one of these devices from The Jetsons. If all this weren’t enough for you to give the account a follow, consider this: it’s not every day that we get the chance to find something truly original before it goes viral, explodes, and everybody’s talking about it. And with only 56 followers to its credit, Timbres del Futuro might just be one of the best chances we have. So by all means, go brag about it to your friends.

Kirchneristyle (@kirchneristyle)


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#brownsuit #browncoat #tights #printedscarf #handbag #girlpower #fashionicon #fashionblogger

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Think what you will about ex-president and current VP candidate (I still cannot get used to that last idea) Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, but one thing’s for sure: the woman loves to dress up and flaunt her wealth. Her shoe shopping sprees are legendary, and that’s just for dressing up her feet. You can pretty much imagine how much she invested on clothing from the ankle up. Kirchneristyle (kudos for the kickass name, BTW) is an account that pays homage to Cristina’s sense of style. “CFK as a fashion icon” is the simple bio description for God’s sake.

Besides the classic summer dress Cristina (exhibit A, exhibit B), they also have winter chalet Cristina, beret Cristina and explorer Cristina, just to name a few in their collection. They even exhibit this creepy AF image of her staring into an Evita dress. The account also has its IG Stories game on point with sections like Style Sisters which compares Cristina’s wardrobes to very similar ones worn by famous celebs. Let’s take a look.