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3 Offbeat Argentine Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

From old mailboxes to dogs waiting for their owners and everything in between.

By | [email protected] | April 25, 2019 8:30am

linea440Photo via TN

There are a lot of ways to make small talk nowadays. Most of them have to do with TV and Netflix series which seem to have become the go-to topic among groups of friends and coworkers for several years now. Sharing memes has also helped plenty of people bond, and viral videos foster that same brotherhood effect. But there’s another subject that has become relevant in recent times and it has to do with keeping your Instagram game on point. That’s right, Instagram has become one of the most important battlegrounds for defining what’s cool and what’s not.

We’ve done our fair share of Insta-recommendations in the past, from food ‘grammer extraordinaire El Gordo Cocina to illustrator and new feminist icon Querida Guachita, we pride ourselves on being up to date on the Argentine accounts you need to know about. But in this occasion we’ve decided to go even deeper into the rabbit hole, fishing for some of the strangest accounts Argentina has to offer, those that linger along the blurry line between the mundane and the downright weird things happening in Buenos Aires.

Without further ado, let’s dig in!

Aquí te Esperro (@aqui_te_esperro)


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Todos los caniches son del viento. #poodle #wind #freddo #sign #bus #hound #galgo #waitingdogs #perros #instadogs

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There’s an old unwritten rule when it comes to posting content on the Internet: you can’t really go wrong with cats and dogs. We at The Bubble actually live by that motto, publishing a weekly #DogsOfBA pic (which you, the reader, are invited to use and help us out). So it’s no real surprise that our first recommendation has to do with our canine friends. Aquí Te Esperro (there’s some wordplay happening there that’s tough to translate) gives the traditional dog account a cool twist by focusing on doggos that are hanging around outside of establishments waiting for their owners. And they’ve gone all out on the concept, finding dogs outside of toy storesverduleríasshoe stores, antique stores and many other random places.

There’s something quite endearing about man’s best friend just waiting patiently (and impatiently, in some cases) for his owner to finish her business and just take him for a walk. We’ve all surely witnessed this situation at some moment walking the streets of Buenos Aires, a city that just oozes with love for dogs. We see you, Aquí Te Esperro and we salute you. Dog on, dear friends. Dog on.

Bondi Panini (@bondipanini)

Like many of the best ideas in life, this one is really simple yet creative. Bondi Panini has been uploading pictures of colectivos one at a time by counting up from the number 1 line to the most recent, as of publishing time, which is the number 90 line. That’s right, there is a line number for almost every number (from 1 to 100 at least), excluding some notable exceptions such as 13 (bad luck I guess) and 69 (too many sex jokes I guess). The cool thing is that this a group activity (or collective, pun intended) and the account’s followers are encouraged to send their pics of the next bus in the series.

It’s really up to Bondi Panini how far they plan to go with this one. If they stay in Buenos Aires, they can go up to 195, but if they decide to go out to provincia, the count can go all the way up to 749, the bus line that goes through José C. Paz, located up north, in the area known as greater Buenos Aires. That would take close to a year and a half to achieve by uploading one picture a day from now on, so good luck with that.

Buzones de Buenos Aires (@buzonesdebuenosaires)

This account is perfect for all the nostalgics out there, those that just drool over that old time Buenos Aires charm. Truth of the matter is, this city has some of the most beautiful architecture on the whole continent and every building seems to contain a truckload of history within its walls. But there is also a lot from this country’s past to unwrap by just walking the sidewalks. Buzones de Buenos Aires is a an ode to a small yet colorful element of this nostalgia, the old red, English-style mailboxes that are still spread all over town. According to the account’s bio, there are still 160 of these bad boys standing, and some estimate that there are just 20 of them still in use. They were constructed way back in the day, in 1858 to be more specific, a time when there were close to 1,450 mailboxes. Le sigh, pour one out for the death of snail mail.

One of the greatest things about this account is how much effort they actually put into taking some really good pictures, like this one of a mailbox with some balloons resting on top, or this nice one of a mailbox with a Subte station in the background, or even this really dramatic one of a mailbox under the rain. I would actually encourage these guys to go all in and make an animated short film about this and sell it to Pixar or something because it is, honestly, that good.

Are there any other quirky Argentine Instagram accounts we should be following? Let us know!