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November 21 – Season 01, Episode 07: Kicillof, Krugman, Kirchner, Keynes and pizzeria Kentucky

By | [email protected] | November 21, 2014 11:19pm


We burst the news of the week, so you can be up to date with current affairs, without wasting valuable time that you can employ doing important and exciting stuff such as charging the SUBE card, filling an AFIP form, looking for parking in Microcentro or standing in line at Correo Internacional in Retiro to get a T Shirt your family back home sent you as a present.
Here are some of the stories:
-Economy Minister Kicillof shows no respect to G20 summit protocol and fails to wear a tie
-Economy Nobel laureate Paul Krugman turns on the Kirchnerite administration, that he used to praise for its economic policies.
-As we predicted, the new opposition coalition FAUNEN fulfills its destiny and…it implodes, six months after being founded and a year before taking part in an election for the first time.
And more!