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‘Notebooks Scandal’: Prosecutors Request Pre-Trial Arrest of Techint CEO

The prosecutors also requested former Cabinet Chief Abal Medina be detained.

By | [email protected] | December 5, 2018 1:52pm


Federal Prosecutors Carlos Stornelli and Carlos Rívolo requested on Tuesday that Paolo Rocca, CEO of Techint, be put in pre-trial arrest as a result of his indictment in the so-called “notebooks scandal” case, Infobae reported on Wednesday.

The prosecutors appealed a decision by Bonadio to not order the pre-trial arrest of Rocca, who stands accused of unlawful association and bribery of public officials during the Kirchner administration.

In their request, which also includes former Kirchner-era Cabinet Chief and current Senator Juan Manuel Abal Medina, the prosecutors argued that the accused should receive the same treatment as other business leaders and officials who were indicted before them and spent – or are still spending – time behind bars after being charged.

The prosecutors claim it has been proven that Rocca took part in the payment to former Kirchnerite officials in 2008, so they would contribute to prevent a company part of Techint operating in Venezuela, called Sidor, from being expropriated by the country’s government, then led by Hugo Chávez.

The payments, of at least US $ 1 million, were made by a senior official at Techint, Luis Betnaza, who is also indicted in the case. Finally, Techint was paid US $ 1.9 billion for Sidor.