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Ice Cream Lovers, Take Note: La Noche de las Heladerías is Here

For one night only, enjoy your favorite ice cream shops at half the price.

By | [email protected] | November 15, 2018 11:44am

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Tonight, la Noche de las Heladerías will be taking place in Capital Federal for the 34th (!) time. In total over 200 ice cream parlors will be getting involved. The event is run by the AFADHYA (The Association of Artisanal Ice Cream and Related Products). President of the association Gabriel Fama explained in a recent interview that the motivation behind the event was to go big: “Before, we had been doing events in the streets, tastings and such, and there were even two years that we had an event at the Obelisco. But the constant social protests in that area meant that it was complicated. So we decided to do an event in the ice cream parlors themselves. There are so many ‘Nights of..”, but we noticed that the happiest one was missing: because ice cream makers are artisans of happiness.


Photo Via: Centro Comercial Atlántico

What’s On Offer?

At dozens of heladerías in Buenos Aires, all ice cream will be half price when purchased as a 1/4 kilo. There is however a maximum of up to four cuartos per person, before you get ridiculously carried away. So, 74 of the coolest spots in town will now offering all your favorite chilled treats but for a scoop of the price – how marvelous! Check out the map below to work out where you want to head to this evening.



The previous Noche de las Heladerías took place in February, and due to the amount of positive press and feedback surrounding the event, not to mention the financial benefits for the industry, AFADHYA decided that they had to recreate the night. Participating heladerías sold more than 90,000 quarter-kilos of ice cream, which generated income of over AR $3.2 million in revenue – depending on prices, that’s about 65,000 1/4kg tubs sold in one night. Holy crap.

Photo Via: Nitrado Heladaría

I Scream, You Scream…

According to a study released by AFADYHA, 83 percent of Argentines consume ice-cream no matter the season. Furthermore, the same survey revealed that 70 percent of locals find that ice cream is not only extremely gratifying but actually releases endorphins (‘happy hormones’) for them – sure beats going to the gym to get those juices flowing! And what a perfect day for it, with wall-to-wall sunshine forecast all day, after a long shift at work, what could be better than a little tub of your favorite ice-cream at half the price?