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Are You Ready for La Noche de las Arepas?

On April 6th, the Venezuelan/Colombian treat will be 50% off around town.

By | [email protected] | April 3, 2019 12:38pm

shutterstock_1293774703Photo via Shutterstock

Move aside Noche de las Heladerías and Noche de las Pizzerías… There’s a new bad boy in town. This Saturday, April 6th will be the debut of the Noche de las Arepas in Buenos Aires, where you’ll be able to find the delicious Caribbean treat with a 50 percent discount in 15 restaurants all over the city.

As the official site puts it: “Arepas are is the representative food of Colombian and Venezuelan cuisine, but it has already become very popular around the world, especially because it is delicious. There is a gluten-free option, and it accepts any type of filling.” If for some sad reason, you’ve never tried an arepa before, here’s a nice little video for you to get more familiar:

You might say this event was a long time coming. Venezuelan immigration to Argentina has grown exponentially in recent years, with close to 120,000 immigrants arriving since 2016. Chances are you’ve noticed it already in your neighborhood, your university, or your office, but it’s also very probable that you’ve also seen it in the dozens of Venezuelan cuisine joints that have opened up across Buenos Aires.

This, plus the already established Colombian community in BA have made for a a massive, delicious cultural exchange. And, even though there is a rich, diverse culinary universe to explore from these two countries (try cachapas and tequeños for a change) there is little doubt that arepas are the piece de resistance of the whole movement and have been conquering plenty an Argentine palate in its path.

La Noche de las Arepas is organized by Cuáles Cambures and Arepera Miss Venezuela and will include Waffles Pop, Mestizos, Dulce y Salado Gourmet, Café con Cuentos, Cartagena Bar, Bistró Caribe, Barú Gastro Pub, Café Bar Venezuela, El Maracucho, El Sabor Tricolor, Cambur Pintón, Pa’ Chichiriviche, Love Arepas, Changir, Sandwich Factory and Panachef. The event will be starting at 6PM on Saturday, April 6th, so you have all night to go out and satisfy your arepa cravings.

La Noche de las Arepas | Saturday, April 6th from 6PM | Website