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Nobody Panic But The Casa Rosada Just Lost Power

By | [email protected] | March 21, 2013 5:05am


Alright people. Nobody panic but the Casa Rosada, also known as the gay version of the White House, has just lost power.

This could either mean three things:

  1. They forgot to pay the bills, which, come on, it happens.
  2. It’s guerrilla advertising for the new Gerald Butler movie “Olympus Has Fallen“, a movie about North Korean terrorists taking over the White House, a premise that I find hilarious since there’s no way a North Korean person could even afford a plane ticket to the US.
  3. Terrorists (not North Koreans) have taken over the Casa Rosada for real. Trust me, I’ve seen enough movies and TV shows to know that a presidential palace losing power is never a good sign. Next thing you know there’s explosions, the media shows up… it’s a mess.

Fortunately a brave Perfil journalist was there to capture the frantic moments lived by Casa Rosada staffers who were trying to pretend like nothing wrong was happening. The anxiety has been immortalized in the following video, which includes the most annoying watermark in history:

According to Perfil:

At 8:25 PM…the Casa Rosada went completely dark… Staffers walked up and down the halls and hallways of the Government House, visibly nervous, as they tried to solve the situation with flashlights.
Flashlights? To fight the terrorists?
Later, at 8:48 PM, the emergency lights that were lighting up hallways and stairs also went out.

Oh yeah, that’s safe. No, that could totally happen in a presidential palace.

According to the online site, the Secretary General of the Presidency, Oscar Parrilli, Chief of Staff Juan Manuel Abal Medina and Interior and Transportation Minister Florencio Randazzo were in the building at the time of the blackout.

Cristina wasn’t, which means that if this is indeed a hostile takeover, it is being perpetrated by the worst terrorists ever.

[UPDATE]: Perfil says that power was restored by 9:25 PM after Edesur worked some of their magic. The problem may have been a faulty power line.

So I guess, no terrorists. That’s a relief.

Video via Perfil.