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No Alberto without Cristina, no Cristina without Alberto

From The Essential

By | [email protected] | August 4, 2020 6:08am


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This version of Alberto Fernández cannot exist without Cristina Kirchner, and this version of Cristina Kirchner cannot exist without Alberto Fernández. This is why the opposition has, from day one, targeted that relationship with all its wits and perseverance. And at times it has found help in members of the ruling coalition.

The role of business

This thesis can be used as a basis to understand the latest conflicts within the Frente de Todos coalition, kicked off by a tweet from the Vice President about speculative behaviors in Argentina’s business sector. That analysis seems to be based in an incorrect premise: businessmen generally do what they need to survive, and in Argentina the survivors are those who partake in capital flight. From the 1975 Rodrigazo to the present, any businessman (or woman) knows that if its company is to be protected then it needs to be hedged for a potential devaluation. As economist Aldo Ferrer used to put it: “If you bring a German businessman to produce in Argentina, three months later he’ll be…

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