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Cancel Your Dinner Plans and Join Today’s ‘Night of the Pizzerias’

From 7 PM to closing time, enjoy 50% off your cheesy, gooey slice of 'za.

By | [email protected] | September 10, 2019 12:51pm

pizza buenos airesPhoto via Infobae

Tonight, an event worthy of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is happening right here in Buenos Aires. That’s right: it’s Noche de las Pizzerías, or Night of the Pizzerias if you were for some strange reason unable to understand the phrase in Spanish. All across the city – in fact, all across Argentina, pizza joints are offering a 50 percent discount from 7 PM to closing time on whole pies – and even empanadas, too. What are you waiting for? Cancel the plans you made with your suegros and get ready to chow down on some good old fashioned muzza.

The event is organized by APPYCE – the Argentine Association of Pizza and Empanada Shop Owners (and yes, that’s a thing) – and has a few ground rules. You can only access this discount if you’re eating at the pizza joint itself – no takeaway allowed, folks. Also, you’ve gotta either pay in cash or with your debit card (does this really surprise you? It’s #Argentina after all); you also can’t tack this discount onto any other promo or special offer.

More than 120 restaurants nationwide are joining on the festivities – you can see the whole list of participating spots online – but you can check out our top five recommendations below.


Photo via Lado B de Buenos Aires

Bright lights, big city. Avenida Corrientes is the nerve center of downtown Buenos Aires life, with more action and LED lightbulbs than you can shake a stick at. Banchero has been around since the beginning, occupying a massive corner smack dab in the heart of it all. Sure, you’ll get greasy pizza drips all over yourself – and be shit out of luck when you try to use those fake waxy napkins to sop it up – but if you’re keen for a night of no-frills eating with a healthy dash of local flair, you’re good to go.

Av. Corrientes 1300 | Tel: 4374-7046

La Americana

Photo via Buenos Aires Connect

Perhaps you’ve had a Negroni – or three – at Los Galgos just down the block, and you’re hungry but looking for a chance of scenery. La Americana’s Av. Callao location is bustling with a mix of families, older couples that have been in the barrio since the dawn of time, and random hipsters that know what’s good for them. Service is friendly and quick, and the traditional-style pizza is one of our personal favorites.

Av. Callao 83 | Facebook | Tel: 4371-0202

Los 36 Billares

If you find yourself near Congreso after work, or if you have some time to kill before checking out the latest Argie flick at the Cine Gaumont just up the way, make 36 Billares your obligatory stop. It’s an iconic slice of Buenos Aires history and as you sip on your vermú while waiting for your pizza to be ready, you can almost feel yourself traveling back in time to the city’s golden age.

Av. de Mayo 1271 | Facebook | Tel: 4381-5696

Ña Serapia

Photo via Antigourmet

Pop by this classic Palermo joint for some juicy empanadas and a dose of old-time porteño nostalgia. If you’ve ever had a cocktail at swanky Milión down in Recoleta, you might recognize the face from the portrait hanging behind the bar – it’s owner Don Héctor in all his glory. He started working at the pulpería 50 years ago as a waiter and is now chef and proprietor.

Av. Las Heras 3357 | Facebook | Tel: 4801-5307

San Paolo

We’ve written about this place before, as Italian experts ranked the Palermo pizzeria No. 1 in all of South America. See what the fuss is all about, why don’t you? Get your fix for Neapolitan ‘za and wash everything down with an Aperol Spritz bigger than the size of your head. Save room for dessert, if you know what’s good for you.

Uriarte 1616 | Facebook | Tel: 4831-9181