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New Line H Subte Station Opens

By | [email protected] | May 27, 2013 9:19pm


Why this is news, we’ll never know. Specially since the Line H is the one you hardly ever take.

But Mayor Macri inaugurated the Hospitales station today (someone should update that Wikipedia page), the eight of the fourteen stations planned for the Line H, which was opened to commuters in 2007.

Parque de los Patricios, Boedo and Pompeya are in development to become what we call the Technology District, in which 160 companies have relocated and created over 10,000 jobs. This is a traditional neighborhood that was left behind but nowadays has been given a phenomenal boost thanks to the presence of the subte,” Macri said.

The City Government is planning on opening four other subte stations later this year: Echeverría and Juan Manuel de Rosas (Line B) and San José de Flores and San Pedrito (Line A), which according to Página 12 will add 100,00 commuters to the subway system.

In case you don’t know where the Hospitales station is located, here’s Google Maps coming to your rescue:

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You’re welcome.

(Story via Página 12, photo via Wikipedia)