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Never-Before-Seen Queen Photo Exhibit Opens at Centro Cultural Borges

Legendary rock photographer Mick Rock is behind the images.

By | [email protected] | July 3, 2019 11:00am

QueenQueen by Mick Rock (Photo via La Razón in Mexico)

This is the real life, this is not fantasy: Los Años de Rapsodia Bohemia QUEEN—an exhibit featuring never before-seen photographs from Mick Rock—will open this Thursday, July 4th, at the Centro Cultural Borges. Over 120 high quality images will be on display, capturing the larger-than-life essence of the musical icons of Queen: Freddie Mercury, Brian May, John Deacon, and Roger Taylor.

Often referred to as the “man who shot the seventies,” Mick Rock photographed an era of music celebrities. Aside from Queen, he shot David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, the Sex Pistols and Blondie, among others. Los años de Rapsodia Bohemia QUEEN will showcase his work with the band, highlighting the relationship between leader singer Freddie Mercury and Rock himself. Knowing that Rock’s vision and creative eye could propel the band’s image forward, it was Mercury who insisted on the collaboration. “Mick was not only the photographer who portrayed them, but a creative partner,” commented exhibit curator Sebastián Alderete.

Mick Rock with Freddy Mercury (Photos via MX City)

Rock began photographing Queen on November 18, 1973 and captured the band’s rise throughout the ’70s. But his photos didn’t only document history, but also helped create it, as he elevated Queen transcend their musical fame and obtain aesthetic notoriety. Now, Queen is known the world over, transcending generations, pop culture, and music lore. Just last year, the biographical Bohemian Rhapsody film about Mercury was the highest grossing musical biopic ever. Kept in good condition for more than 40 years, the photos are more than art -they have become historic artifacts.

Queen by Mick Rock (Photo via Time Out Mexico)

Curator Sebastián Alderete, founder of Access Creative Agency NYC, formed a close bond with Mick Rock, and garnered access to Rock’s complete archives. Alderete uncovered sets of original negatives that Rock didn’t even know existed; 14 of these unpublished images are part of the exhibit, which also features a film about the life of Mick Rock and his partnership with Queen.

Earlier this year, parts of the exhibit travelled to the Foto Museo Cuatro Caminos in Mexico City, where the museum received upwards of 15,000 visitors. When deciding where to bring the exhibit next, Alderete chose Argentina, after he visited the Centro de Arte Contemporáneo in Córdoba, Argentina and was impressed by the newly renovated space. The exhibit was a huge success, shattering the museum’s previous attendance record with more than 30,000 visitors. And now it arrives in Buenos Aires.

Tickets at the Centro Cultural Borges are AR $200, and the museum is open 10 AM – 9 PM from Monday to Saturday and 12 PM – 9 PM on Sundays. The exhibit closes on August 11th, so don’t wait until life has just begun, and then go and throw it all away! Only half-kidding here: they won’t throw the photos in the dumpster, but it won’t be there for long, so don’t miss it.

Queen by Mick Rock (Photo via Twipu)


Centro Cultural Borges | Viamonte 525 | Exhibit from July 4th – August 11th | AR $200 | Web