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What’s Coming to Netflix Latin America in September

Keep up to date with the new series and movies streaming now.

By | [email protected] | August 31, 2018 9:00am

BoJack Horseman (Photo via The Independent)BoJack Horseman Season 5 (Photo via Netflix)

As the bitter cold weather continues, “Netflix & Chill” is still an entirely appropriate weekend and after-work activity. We should all revel in this lazy opportunity before the sun comes out and there’s societal pressure to actually hang out with 3-dimensional people. There is no better way to spend your Thursday evening than brewing some mate, grabbing some popcorn, and hunkering down to watch the new (and not-so-new) movies and series on offer.

Sorry, you will all have to change your plans this September, there are just too many awesome things to watch.

(Photo via Pexels)

There are quite a few Argentine releases, including the Oscar-winning La Historia Oficial. This is excellent news and Netflix must have been listening to our cries as this is a definite must-see for anyone and everyone. Not only is it important for Argentines familiar with the harrowing truth behind the dark era of the desaparecidos during the last military dictatorship, but it is also a period of time that has been covered by history books around the globe.

Along with that 1985 drama, the streaming platform is also releasing the 2015 film Francisco – El Padre Jorge which tells the story of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, from his early childhood days to becoming Pope Francis. If that isn’t enough for you to start sending a text saying “Sorry, I’m busy next weekend” then maybe the  2014 comedy El Último Elvis might tickle your fancy. The film depicts Elvis impersonator Carlos’s desire to escape reality and live in his fantasy world of being his superstar. Finally, there’s definitely a need to re-watch Un Novio Para Mi Mujer for the 12th time this year.

La Historia Oficial (Photo via La Primera Piedra)

The series, movies, and documentaries coming to Netflix Latin America in September 2018:


September 1 

La Catedral del Mar (Cathedral of the Sea)

Gotham, Season 4

How to Get Away with Murder, Season 4

Marvel -Inhumans, Season 1

Grey’s Anatomy, Season 14

Yes, Grey’s Anatomy hasn’t ended yet: it’s like the gift that keeps on giving. Four seasons longer than Friends, it looks like this hospital drama will be continuing forever (and ever). If this classic US show isn’t what you’re looking for, then maybe you fancy something a little historical with the 14th-century drama La Catedral del Mar, based on the book of the same title.

(Photo via Vogue Australia)

September 3

Ash vs. Evil Dead, Season 2

September 7

Atypical, Season 2

Las Chicas de Cable (Cable Girls), Season 3

Marvel – Iron Fist, Season 2

Yaaas, Las Chicas de Cable are back and better than ever. If you’re as addicted to the hit Spanish show as I am, then you will be anxiously counting down the days until September 7th. If Spanish isn’t your first language, this is an excellent show to start off with to improve your skills; the cast speaks very clearly and you can always have Spanish subtitles below to help along the way. Plus, the 1920’s costumes are enough to convert any fashionista to the show.

Las Chicas de Cable (Photo via Medium)

September 10

Supergirl, Season 3

September 11

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Season 3

September 14

Bojack Horseman, Season 5

Ingobernable (Ungovernable), Season 2

American Vandal, Season 2

The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes, Season 2

The extremely popular Mexican political drama Ingobernable is finally back over well over 18 months for its second season. This is a presidential power couple gone wrong, as Emilia pushes against her patriarchal, manipulative, president husband (Melania, don’t get any ideas now…) but a great a series to get hooked on.

Ingobernable (Photo via Netflix)

September 21

Maniac Mini Series

The Good Cop 

September 25

Marvel – Runaways, Season 1

Once Upon a Time, Season 7

September 28

El Marginal, Season 2

The Good Place, Season 3

Argentine hit El Marginal is finally back after two years of leaving us on the Netflix equivilent of ‘read.’ If you do not have an excellent level of Spanish you will definitely need the English subtitles to understand the very confusing, fast-paced prison slang.


September 1

Francisco: El Padre Jorge (Francis: Pray For Me)

El Último Elvis (The Last Elvis)

Wakolda (The German Doctor)

Infancia Clandestina (Clandestine Childhood)

La Historia Oficial (The Official Story)

Una Noche de Amor


La maldición de Thelma

Marvel – Ant-Man

Mi Abuela (Grandmother)


Francisco: El Padre Jorge. (Photo via Arepa Digital)

Dear Lordy, are you prepared for this mountain of Argentine classics? Netflix has something for everybody, from Marvel to thriller.

September 7

Sierra Burgess Es Una Loser

The Most Assassinated Woman in the World

September 9

Jason Bourne

12 Horas Para Sobrevivir: El año de la Elección (The Purge: Election Year)

Los Popstars Nunca Se Detienen (Popstars: Never Stop, Never Stopping)

September 12

En Carne Propia: Los Últimos Días de Stefano Cucchi (Sulla Mia Pelle)

September 13

Hacia lo desconocido (Approaching the Unknown)

September 14

La Tierra de Habitos Constantes

September 15

Testamento de juventud

Brooklyn: Un amor sin fronteras (Brooklyn)

September 16

Born to Be Blue: La historia de Chet Baker

September 21

Nappily ever after: El rizado camino a la felicidad (Nappily Ever After)

September 28

Hold the Dark

Brooklyn is a fantastic film based on Colm Tóibín’s novel about a young Irish immigrant moving to New York. For all you expats out there, you may find some home truths in this beautifully raw adaption about settling somewhere as an outsider.

Brooklyn (Photo via Substream Magazine)

Documentaries & Specials

September 1


September 7

City of Joy

September 12


September 14

Boca Juniors Confidencial

September 21


September 28

Chef’s Table 5

Calling all football fanatics! Whether you support Boca Juniors or even their rivals River Plate, this insightful documentary about the famous football team, which was named as the top South American club of the decade (2001-2002) has made its way to Netflix. If the thought of watching Maradona kick a ball about sounds like hell on earth, then maybe you fancy catching Jane, the documentary about Jane Goodall and her extraordinary relationship with chimpanzees.


September 1

Intensamente (Inside Out)

September 7

Robot 7723

Stretch Armstrong y los Guerreros Flex , Season 2 (Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters)

September 14

Príncipe de los Dragones 

Supermonstruos: Una fiesta monstruosa: Canciones

September 30

Hotel Transilvania 2

The 2015 Pixar movie Inside Out has been praised by parents and psychologists alike, as the animated film is applauded for helping children understand complex emotions. It reveals that happiness is not the only appropriate emotion for a child (or adult) to feel; sadness, anger, and disgust are all natural emotions. In a time where social media can be so detrimental, this film really helps kids (again, adults too!) to come to terms with their emotions.

Inside Out (Photo via Parent Toolkit)

So, there you go, you are now fully up to date with everything released this September. There’s definitely something there for everyone!