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Days Of Our Lives, Kirchner Edition: Woman Claims To Have Been Néstor’s Lover

By | [email protected] | March 22, 2016 1:27pm


Cristina Fernández de Kirchner is clapping back.

Former President and CFK’s late husband Néstor Kirchner was accused of having an affair by his former Secretary Miriam Quiroga, who claimed the two were lovers for a decade. “I was Néstor’s mistress for 10 years. And Cristina knows it and the entire Cabinet knows it,” she said on the Channel 13 program El Diario de Mariana yesterday.

The Casa Rosada Twitter account (the one that was hijacked by Cristina’s outgoing administration) took absolutely no time to retort and set the record straight. “Hello Miriam, as a famous actor said once: “He who has lomo in the house does not go out to eat hamburger.”

Burrrrrrrn. Don’t mess with Cristina. No seriously, do not mess with her, she will go on a Twitter tirade or yell at you at the UN. It will be frightening.  You will not like it. (For those following along at home, the quotation is, “I have steak at home, why should I go out for hamburgers?” by the one and only dreamboat Paul Newman. Sigh.)

TN journalist Florencia Etcheves fired back with what we were all thinking: “Neither Miriam, nor Cristina, nor any woman is a chunk of meat at the service of a man.”

Because Cristina will be struck down by lightning and/or have seven years of bad luck if she does not get the last word, the Casa Rosada Twitter account replied: “We applaud the feminist defense of the TN journalist. If only she had the same passion for reporting truthfully!”

And then they all took out their earrings for a locker room brawl and set feminism back about 30 years. You can read all the Twitter drama here, don’t forget the popcorn.