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National Team Cancels Meeting With Pope Francis Due to ‘Logistical Inconveniences’

By | [email protected] | June 5, 2018 6:00pm

Finance Minister Luis Caputo at yesterday

If you are a superstitious person and really hope the Argentina will win the World Cup, I have got bad news for you. The national team has just cancelled a meeting with Pope Francis in Rome, which had been planned a month ago, due to scheduling issues. And not only that, but it also left the Vatican in offside (heh) by letting them announce it – since we are talking about sports, we might as well go with a related analogy, right?

This morning, Vatican spokesperson Greg Burke announced that Pope Francis would host the national team tomorrow at 3:30 PM in his residence, Casa Santa Marta. However, he had to backtrack two hours later.

“Update: the Pope’s hearing with the Argentina national team scheduled for tomorrow has been cancelled. We will joyfully greet you when you come back with the Cup!,” reads Burke’s second tweet.

However, despite the cordial tweet, Argentine media assure the mood at both the Vatican – and particularly the Argentine Church – is one of discontent. “I hope they are better at playing than organizing themselves,” a source in the Vatican told La Nación. Sick burn.

Representatives of the national team argued that its trip to Israel – where it will play a friendly match against the local team on Saturday, June 9 – brought forward to the 7th, and traveling to the Vatican the day before would be practically impossible – and extremely tiring – for the Argentine delegation.

Regardless of the reasons, there was definitely a miscommunication between the two camps. And a superstitious person – there are more than a few in Argentina – could consider it not wise to upset an institution with a direct line to God and Jesus. However, the Selección will have the opportunity to explain itself before the deity this week, as it is scheduled to visit the Western Wall during its stay in Jerusalem. They are the same god after all, no? (Don’t @ me)

With or without the help of a higher power, the national team will begin its participation in the World Cup on June 16th against Iceland. So if you’re going to pray to someone, maybe make it Messi. It is probably safer that way.