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Natalia Obón Returns to Position as Cobo’s Advisor in the Senate

She has been reappointed advisor after strong criticism following Mendoza post

By | [email protected] | September 26, 2018 4:45pm

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Remember when Natalia Obón – girlfriend of Unión Cívica Radical (UCR) Senator and former Vice-President Julio Cobos – was forced to decline the position as Secretary of Mendoza’s Federal Court of Appeals last week after nepotism accusations?

Well, it’s all in the past. Only four days later, the Administrative Secretariat has reinstated Obón as Cobo’s Advisor in the Senate, a job which arguably involves an equally prestigious role.

Obón’s position was officially brought to light this week, in a declaration dated back to September 20th (Resolución 665), which states that ‘the dismissal of Obon’s position as advisor in the Senate would be revoked’, granting the formal request that was written to the Human Resources Department of the Senate by the former Vice-President.

After having just recently completed a distance course at a private university, the main course of the criticism that Obón received lay on the fact that she was unlikely to be the most qualified candidate for this high profile job, with her opponents not only stressing the fact that her qualifications lie in nutrition, but also stating that her appointment to the role, longed for by thousands of lawyers in the country, was a result of Nepotism. Yet, this criticism was not enough to cause Obón’s unemployment, and she will return to the role that she was granted before the expectation of a new job, as Cobo’s Advisor.