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Murder of Cristina Kirchner ex secretary revives old ghosts

The grieta resurfaces as strong as ever

By | [email protected] | July 13, 2020 6:10am

CRISTINA-KIRCHNER-PARTIDAzzzznacp2 NOTICIAS ARGENTINAS BAIRES, NOVIEMBRE 19: La presidenta electa Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner junto al secretario general de la presidencia, Oscar Parrilli, esta mañana en el aeroparque metropolitano desde donde partio hacia Brasil. Foto NA: DANIEL VIDESzzzz

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The gruesome murder of Fabián Gutiérrez, former private secretary of Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, has brought back a few ghosts from Argentina’s recent past.

Accusations against the former president and her circle peaked during the last months of her second term, when Prosecutor Alberto Nisman died with a shot to the head days after filing a complaint against her, and during the early days of Mauricio Macri’s presidency, when stories of Kirchnerite-era were atop of the agenda and judges, media, and opposition politicians were all looking to uncover past dirt.

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