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I Barely Recognize Any of the ‘Most Listened’ Artists on Spotify in Argentina

The streaming platform released the decade's top songs, artists, and podcasts.

By | [email protected] | December 3, 2019 2:43pm

bad bunny jbalvinPhoto via TN

Get off my lawn. There, now that we’ve gotten that over with, we can begin this article. In case you didn’t understand, I’ll clarify: I’m an old, and have zero qualms about it. #SorryNotSorry

Music streaming giant Spotify recently released the list of the most popular songs, artists, and podcasts from both the last year and the full decade here in Argentina. And you shouldn’t be surprised when I say that I genuinely have no idea who the majority of them are. Does this make me uncool, or does this mean I’m so painfully out of the loop when it comes to popular music that I could be considered counterculture (?) and therefore cooler than everyone else? I’m not sure, and trying to work through that train of though actually gave me a headache, so let’s just move on.

Are you interested in helping me out? Read on and check out Argentina’s most-streamed artists, songs, and more from the last decade.

Top-Streamed Artists in Argentina, 2010-2019



Bad Bunny

I feel like I know who this is, but then when I read his name, my brain always takes me to the freaky rabbit from Donnie Darko

J Balvin

My brain transforms this one into a mashup of Justin Bieber and Calvin Klein.

Daddy Yankee

OK, I know him! But like, from 2008 when I was a senior in college and made questionable life choices while binge drinking crappy alcohol at house parties. So, yeah.


Didn’t he like, hump Madonna at some point this year?

Paulo Londra

I only know him because he collaborated with human thumb Ed Sheeran earlier this year. And he’s from Argentina, which is kiewl. Couldn’t name one song of his to save my life, though.

Nicky Jam

Come again?

Sebastian Yatra

Sorry to this man, but that last name sounds like some kind of communicable disease.

Anuel AA

Why does his name make me think immediately of the batteries that I need to replace in my alarm clock?


My brain turns this into another 90’s mashup of Green Day’s Dookie and Limp Bizkit’s Nookie. #NoRegrets.

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