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The Most Expensive Apartment in Buenos Aires Can Be Yours For $12 Million

By | [email protected] | December 16, 2017 12:18am


What a beautiful day to be a millionaire! Except I’m not, because I’m a journalist.

The city’s newfangled eccentricity is a 52-story building in Puerto Madero with 360-degree views to the Rio de la Plata and almost every corner of the city — including its near-neighbor slum, the Rodrigo Bueno villa. And the building – the Harbour Tower (yes, harbour with a u) is now known for its cherry-on-top property, a giant penthouse that also happens to be the most expensive apartment in Buenos Aires, which can totally be yours for only 12 million dollars. 

Award-winning architect Carlos Ott (the guy behind the Opéra Bastille in Paris) is the originator of the building that is betting on Buenos Aires as South America’s next design capital.

Puerto Madero Harbour Tower

This actually looks like a cool place to put your feet up and read The Bubble. Image credit: Madero Harbour.


But listen to this: the sumptuous 192-meter-long, 150-apartment glazed structure will include a movie theatre, a health club with a sauna, a car-wash, a yoga garden, and heliport service for when you’re tired of traffic and need to call a chopper so you can come back from the office, shower, and take another chopper so you can make it to little Tommy’s piano recital. Of course, if you were thinking about something way more modest, there are 1-bedroom suites for half a million dollars on pre-sale. Man, what a bargain.

97 meters above Puerto Madero stand a series of privileged apartments called ‘The Sky Collection’, all of which surpass the 1-million-dollar barrier. You can personalize them and choose your favorite color of marble flooring, and many will also have their own private elevators (so you don’t have to run into some nouveau riche football player and wife).

And look, here’s a video.

The “Penthouse 52” will be the starring figure at the Madero Harbour, with 700 (700!) square meters to brag about — a private pool, a spa, a gym and four suites — in exchange of 12,4 millions dollars, or in other words: 24 apartments in Recoleta, or 2 mansions in Beverly Hills, or a 6-bed apartment in front of Central Park. You know, pocket change.

Puerto Madero Harbour Tower

I’m quite sure la cheta de Nordelta will not be hanging around, so you can safely drink mate at a lounge chair in the pool. Image credit: Madero Harbour.


Bear in mind, though, that 70 percent of the apartments in the Harbour Tower already have an owner, so if you don’t get to buy one of the few that remain available on time, you can always try a PH in Palermo Hollywood and call it a day.

Puerto Madero Harbour Tower

I’m sure even this view gets old eventually. Image credit: Madero Harbour.


Your other alternative may be to wait until Armani apartments in Recoleta — with the modicum price of $8,000 per square meter — are available for sale. It’s great to know you have options.