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Who the Hell Is Mirko and Why Is He So Damn Famous?

Marley's son has 1.9 million Instagram followers and he's not even one year old.

By | [email protected] | August 21, 2018 5:01pm

MirkoMirko (Photo via Infobae)

We all have that friend. You know the one. He or she recently had a baby and they can’t stop talking about it. It was kind of cute at first but now it’s getting a bit tiresome. You’ve been meaning to tell them, but you’re quite sure this will not be well received, so you just decide to shut up.

Not to worry, I’ve got your back. Next time they show you their baby’s latest set of accomplishments, just try telling them: “Sure, that’s cute, but does he have 1.9 million followers on Instagram?” Depending on their kind of humor you may either lose a friend (sorry about that) or have the perfect segue to talk about Mirko, Argentina’s most famous baby.

Mirko (Photo via Infobae)

Mirko’s fame didn’t just appear out of the blue. It’s not like he’s the son of some small-time butcher in Caballito or something. His father is Alejandro Wiebe, better known as Marley, TV host who nowadays travels the world with his show called “Por el Mundo.”

What’s in a name? “Mirko” actually has slavic origins and means “glorious for insuring peace, imagination, joy and humility.” How do I know this? Because Marley actually announced it in an Instagram post.. You know, the kind of thing humble people do.

He was born via a surrogate in October of last year and has already visited Chicago, New York, Montreal, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, Berlin, Athens, Moscow, and Mexico. That’s pretty much more than any person gets to see in a whole lifetime, and you can’t really hate him because, come on… Look at the kid:

Estoy tan sorpresa como todos ustedes

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So, as you might expect, Mirko has already rubbed elbows with everybody in the Argentine celebrity sphere, starting with Susana Giménez, who’s actually his godmother, for crying out loud. From then on, he’s met anyone who’s anyone in this country, from Lali Espósito to Lionel Messi and even Maradona. Sure puts into perspective that blurry picture you have with that one B-list celeb in the distant background you treasure so dearly.

Mirko has even gone international, taking a picture with Barack Obama, whom he just blatantly ignored in favor of his pacifier, like he was some sort of normal baby or something. Kid has some nerve, lemme tell you.

He’s also been featured on tabloid magazine covers, been on Susana’s show (#obvi), and traveled to Russia for the World Cup. But one of the greatest moments in his young life (please keep in mind while reading all this that this kid is 10 MONTHS OLD) came very recently when he visited the Casa Rosada with his dad for an episode of Marley’s show that aired this past Sunday. A special guest just happened to pop up out of the blue:

Mauricio Macri himself got aboard the Mirko Train, carrying the tiny influencer in his arms until he grew tired. During the clip he gave a few of parenting tips himself. Oh, and a couple of shameless plugs about infrastructure or something. No one really cares with Mirko around, to be honest.

The greatest moment in the whole thing, however, came at the last minute when Macri let the baby sit in the presidential chair (skip to the 4:55 mark if you wish). Ever the scene-stealer, little Mirko waited to be put squarely in the famous seat and did what any of us would probably do if we were president of Argentina right now: he started to cry.

“He’s not ready for such responsibility,” Marley explained, before the scene was cut short, I’m guessing so the cameraman wouldn’t burst out laughing at the irony of it all.

I hope I’m not alone in feeling some discomfort with the huge exposure little Mirko has received so far in his life, even before he himself is able to utter words like “STOP THIS” or “NO MORE CAMERAS, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.”

Let’s just hope he continues in his father’s footsteps in show business, because if not he’ll be wishing all his life for the same obscurity as that small-time butcher’s kid from Caballito.