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Finally, Some Good News: Miramar Creates World’s Largest Easter Egg

It stood 10.5 meters tall and weighed 4,100 kilos.

By | [email protected] | April 22, 2019 8:55am

miramarPhoto via Los Andes

Another day, another insanely huge piece of food, another world record broken. It seems like only yesterday we were reporting the news of the worlds’s largest salami being made in Tandil, one that, curiously enough, measured just a tad more than the Obelisco (that’s 68 meters of cured meat, in case you’re counting). Well yesterday, on Easter Sunday, we received news that the coastal city of Miramar joined the ginormous food record-breaking craze and made the world’s largest chocolate egg, measuring 10.5 meters tall and, therefore, dethroning the previous record holder from the city of Cortenueva, Italy, that measured a “measly” 10.3 meters back in 2011. How do you like them eggs?

The man behind this creation was pastry chef Walter Aragonés, who, with the help of 150 assistants spent all last week placing 850 chocolate pieces over the wooden structure that held it all together. On Sunday, the egg was unveiled at 3 PM during Pinamar’s annual Easter fair, and the official breaking of the egg was done by the mayor of Miramar himself, Germán Di Césare. And yes, you can bet that somebody yelled anonymously from the crowd as it happened: Germán, dejá de romper los huevos,” a joke that only makes sense in Spanish, but that just had to be said.

The only setback on this glorious day that I’m guessing will go down in Miramar’s history was that the record will not be eligible for the Guinness Book, since this possibility required a fee of US $20,000 that local authorities refused to pay. Called me old fashioned, but if you’re gonna invest that many resources in this monstrosity, you might just go all in and pay the damn fee to reach Guinness, right? I mean, come on Miramar, how many chances do you think you’re gonna get to be famous worldwide?!

Nevertheless, close to 40,000 portions of the massive egg were handed out among the sellout crowd, guaranteeing that at least nobody would go home without their tummies filled with chocolate treat. It’s a good thing too because, staying with the egg themed vibe, almost anything you wish to eat nowadays in Argentina cuesta un huevo