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Messi Unleashes Wrath At Argentine Football Association By Taking Selfie

By | [email protected] | June 24, 2016 3:35pm


Like a mere mortal, Leo Messi had to wait a bit longer than usual for his plane to take off yesterday and he was not pleased. The Argentine national team was on its way to New Jersey for the Copa America final when their plane was grounded due to bad weather. Messi took the opportunity to get on his Instagram account to blame the Argentine Football Association (AFA) for the delay.

“Once more waiting on a plane to try to get out to our destination. The AFA is such a disaster, oh my god,” he posted on his Instagram account. Oh Leo, save it for the burn book. In the photo, Messi is seen looking eerily like a koala bear very upset with his bestie Kun Agüero. Sippin’ mate and taking selfies: Selección Argentina, they’re just like us!

Two besties taking a selfie.

“Look upset! No, oh my god delete that I look terrible.”

The AFA responded on its website that, “The Argentine Football Association reports that the flight carrying the team to New Jersey suffered a delay in its schedule of departure due to weather issues.” Which Messi probably you know, took a screen shot of and shared in group chat with Kun and Lavezzi. Their group chat title is probably just a heart emoji. With an arrow through it. Maybe two boys holding hands.

Messi’s complaint comes in the middle of a crisis for the AFA as it faces accusations of mismanaging funds (i.e. pocketing money) meant to be distributed to its member clubs. Then there’s the fact that River Plate, Boca Juniors, San Lorenzo and Racing are all planning to leave the AFA and create their own Super League.

Meanwhile, back in Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo is still crying softly into his protein shake for one, waiting for a single member of the team to text him back as “Best Friend” quietly plays on repeat.