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Messi Threw Up Mid-Game Today and That’s Newsworthy

By | [email protected] | March 5, 2014 10:57pm


It was a friendly football match between Argentina and Romania this afternoon, and we were only seven minutes into the game when suddenly football superstar Lionel Messi leaned forward, spasmodic, and just threw up there in the middle of the field.

Ewwwwwww! Also if my parents find out that they paid my way through J-school to end up writing this crap, I’m pretty sure they will disown me.

Worst part of this is that the game ended 0-0. Against Romania, dude! That’s like, the Suriname of Eastern Europe! Everybody knows it’s there but nobody goes visit. And that’s a fact.

Lionel Messi is OK, no matter how much the local media tries to freak you out. Either he was hungover or it was just a hairball. Whatever, he’s fine.

(Video via Futbol Mundial, photo via