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Messi, Is That You? Statue Honoring Leo Delights Social Media

By | [email protected] | July 4, 2016 11:36am


We all know Argentina is desperate for Leo Messi to return to the national team and would do anything to see la Sección‘s jersey grace his body again.

This weekend, a statue was inaugurated for Messi in the Paseo Histórico de Famailla in Tucúman Province, sort of like how the City of Buenos Aires inaugurated a statue in Messi’s honor last week. Except not really. As social media was all too eager to point out, the statue looks more alien than football player. And come on, he’s not even kicking with the correct foot. Some meme-ers think Messi won’t return if he sees it but while it’s no replica, it’s the intention that counts, right?

“Mesi won’t return if he sees the statue that they made in Famailla, Tucuman.”

“How did this statue of Messi in Famaillá, Tucumán come to be? One theory:”

“The statue of Messi in Famaillá”

“Who says that the statue of #Messi in Famailla isn’t identical #MessiWillNotLeave #ReturnMessi #MessinAround #Messi10”

“They made a tribute statue in Tucuman of young Hugo Chávez with Messi’s shirt.”

“In a Tucuman town they made a statue of Messi and I think that I resemble it more.”

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