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Villa Crespo Gets Even Cooler with New Food Market Opening in 2020

The 3-story space will have 38 different shops and stands.

By | [email protected] | December 17, 2019 8:00am

Mercat Villa Crespo

For some reason, people like to rag on certain aspects of the food culture in Buenos Aires. From “There’s no real street food” to “I can’t buy pre-made frozen cauliflower rice anywhere!” the list of grievances is long and varied. And sure, there’s still progress to be made, but can we maybe just stop being such whiney brats for maybe like, five minutes? BA has enjoyed a veritable gastro-renaissance in the last five years, with a healthy crop of young movers and shakers breathing new life into a city that is finally ready to let go of its “steak and Malbec” stereotype (OK, maybe just a little bit).

We’ve seen craft beer, craft cocktails, burgers, hipster pop-ups, poké bowls, plant-based magic, masa madre out the wazoo, and so much more. But another, slightly more macro, trend that speaks to a greater paradigm shift is the renewed focus on neighborhood markets that sell produce and other goods all under one roof. Perhaps you’ve made an appearance at the Mercado San Nicolás at Av. Córdoba and Callao, or you’re already a regular at the Mercado de Belgrano over on Juramento, two longstanding spaces that have been renovated to keep with the times. Now, put your hands together and give a warm welcome to Mercat Villa Crespo, the newest kid on the block – literally – to breathe new life into the Buenos Aires food scene.

Located in Villa Crespo – one of our favorite barrios in Buenos Aires – the Mercat has a bit of a Boquería vibe and celebrates the return to a local, seasonal, and sustainable approach regarding what we consume. Still under construction, the space is a three-story, 2,700 square meter amusement park for foodies. Sleek design lines and an emphasis on letting in natural light lend it a decidedly modern, sophisticated touch.

In all, 38 local and regional producers will set up shop in the Mercat, offering everything from charcuterie to wines to baked goods to grass-fed beef – and truly, so much more. There will be special areas focusing on vegetarian/vegan and gluten free goods, too, which is great. Can you imagine yourself there already? Strolling through the market, picking up some produce to make dinner later that evening, stopping in for a glass of wine before popping in for a visit with your local cheesemonger? If that isn’t pure blissful perfection, I don’t know what is.

According to Mercat co-founder Marcelo Pirogovsky, this is precisely what he and his team had in mind when creating the Mercat Villa Crespo concept. “Our priority is that the market brings together the most interesting options for consumers and visitors in terms of quality, price, and proximity … Buenos Aires is a city full of people that are very receptive to this kind of market. We plan to prioritize product launches, small- and medium-sized business initiatives, and new proposals; [the Mercat has] an auditorium open for the community to use, and we’ve carved out specific spaces for local and regional producers in more than 15 different areas have the chance to display and sell their goods, driving a market that’s more equal and fair for everyone.”

So, what kind of producers and shops will have a presence at the Mercat Villa Crespo? The full list still hasn’t been confirmed, but we’ve got enough of a teaser to truly whet your appetite. The wine area will be headed up by Vico, another Villa Crespo local legend, the drool-worthy baked goods are in the hands of Atelier Fuerza (honestly #blessed), Remo Valenti – undisputed king of charcuterie – will keep you in cheesy heaven, and La Tenda will ensure that your Italian-based cravings are always satisfied.

Mercat Villa Crespo will be open to the public in early 2020. Check out the website, Instagram, and Facebook for more details.