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Carlos Menem: ‘Some Say Cristina Killed Néstor.’ What?

By | [email protected] | February 24, 2016 5:27pm


Former President and favorite country jinx Carlos Menem made his way back to the spotlight after having kept a low profile for a long time and damn, it looked like he wanted to make up for the lost time.

In an extensive interview with La Once Diez Radio, Menem weighed in on every topic from politics to whether or not he has ever had sex with a transvestite and believe it or not, the latter was not every outlet’s headline. How? In the middle of the interview, the former President went into a conspiracy theory that would probably be included in the most watched House of Cards episode ever: he claimed that some say that late President Néstor Kirchner may not have died of a heart attack but was actually murdered by his wife, former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, who got tired of him beating her. And we don’t mean politically.

“Well, there have always been doubts about Néstor’s  death to the point that there will be an autopsy to determine why he died. It was impossible to talk about it before, but now, many are daring to speak out and say that Néstor could’ve been killed by his wife.”

Wait, what? Yes, according to the former President, some say Cristina may have killed Néstor because he “hit her a lot.” “It’s the version I heard,” added Menem who, however, said that until there’s more proof about the subject, he “doesn’t have the authority nor the knowledge to affirm that.”

After dropping ear candy for conspiracy theorists and Cristina haters, Menem went on to talk about sexual diversity and even raised the question about whether he had ever had sex with a transvestite. “From what I remember, I’ve never been with a transvestite. I think. So many things have happened in my life.” And he continued: “No man has ever tried to seduce me. I wouldn’t have allowed it a while ago. I don’t know about now.”

This the same Menem who only dated models back in the ’90s, prized himself of being a manly man (the sideburns alone are a good indicator) and drove cars that screamed testosterone.

He then confessed that although he didn’t go for men, Frank Sinatra did something for him. “There was no better man than him. He was admired by the entire world.”

Finally, this new, seemingly progressive Menem revealed he tried to discuss same sex marriage during his presidency but that people “went berserk” on him. For that reason, he praised Cristina’s administration for passing both gay marriage law and the “gender identity” one. He still suggested she possibly murdered her husband, but I guess that’s something.