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Memorandum Of Understanding Allegedly Reaches End Of The Road

By | [email protected] | December 11, 2015 4:16pm


According to local media outlets, the highly controversial Memorandum of Understanding between Argentina and Iran will run its course as President Mauricio Macri’s new Minister of Justice, Germán Garavano, plans on dismissing the outgoing government’s appeal to have the memorandum’s constitutionality upheld. Garavano will allegedly officially present the dismissal in a report on Monday.

This decision implies a complete reversal in foreign policy within the first 24 hours of President Mauricio Macri’s government. The memorandum had been signed under former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and former Foreign Minister Héctor Timerman with the objective of establishing a bilateral truth commission on the 1994 terrorist attack on the Argentine Israeli Mutual Association (AMIA). It was declared unconstitutional by the Buenos Aires City Federal Chamber, for which reason the former government sought to appeal the case.

It is widely believed, particularly among the Jewish community, that Iran was behind the AMIA attack, for which the memorandum was harshly criticized. The former lead prosecutor for the AMIA case, Alberto Nisman, had accused Iran of being involved in the attack and the head of the Delegation of Argentine Jewish Societies (DAIA), Julio Schlosser, had often pointed out that having Iran as part of the truth commission was “inappropriate.”

85 people were killed in the AMIA attack and hundreds injured. It was not only the largest terrorist attack on Argentine soil but in the whole of Latin America to date. Previously, there had also been deadly bombings on the Israeli embassy in 1992. The people responsible for the AMIA bombing were never located.

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