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3 Reasons May is a Great Month for Foodies

Buenos Aires kicks into high gear with a slew of gourmet-friendly events.

By | [email protected] | April 24, 2019 9:00am

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If March is the unofficial start of the year in Argentina, then it’s during the month of May that things really hit their sweet spot. With the last vestiges of swampy summer in the past and #BootSeason on the horizon (pro tip: wearing boots helps protect you from the plague that is the baldosa suelta across the city), we’re living our best lives and ready to have some fun.

So get your calendars ready and mark your agendas, because we’ve got three deliciously delectable goings-on about town that promise to keep you – and your panza – entertained throughout the early Fall season in Buenos Aires. Remember, the best way to take advantage of these events is to have a game plan ready from the start. There are few things worse than missing out on that restaurant you’ve been dying to try because there are no more free tables (OK, maybe the staggering inflation and currency crisis we’re all suffering through is worse, but indulge me for a minute).

Read on for a roundup of the food and drink events in Buenos Aires that you have to check out during the month of May.

Buenos Aires Food Week


BA Food Week is an institution at this point in the game. A local adaptation of what cities around the world have been doing for years, it’s a chance to dine at some of Argentina’s best restaurants at a more budget-friendly price point. Participating restaurants put together lunch or dinner menus – sometimes both, if you’re lucky – that give diners an authentic taste of what they’re all about, while diners are able to tick a few more “must visit” places off of their to-do lists without breaking the bank.

Each new edition of BA Food Week brings a greater variety (October’s 2018 edition saw 44 restaurants in the mix) and more than a few surprises, so you don’t want to miss it. What’s more, the event includes a wonderful element of giving back: diners are encouraged to make a donation to NGO Banco de Alimentos, which works to ensure that no one goes hungry in Argentina. Stay tuned for the complete list of restaurants and our picks that you can’t pass up, but in the meantime you can mosey on over to BA Food Week’s Instagram and website.

BA Food Week | April 29 – May 5 MasterCard clients only; May 6 – 19 | Lunch AR $400; Dinner AR $680 – Doesn’t include drinks or service charge | Restaurants across Buenos Aires | Web | Instagram

BA Cóctel Semana de la Coctelería

Passionate about sharing Argentina’s multifaceted food and spirits industry with the general public, BA Cóctel hosts a variety of events and gatherings throughout the year, both locally and abroad. Perhaps one of the most celebrated is its Semana de la Coctelería, or Cocktail Week (you should really think about learning Spanish, btw), which will take place this year from May 4th through the 11th. Dozens of bars (66, to be precise), hundreds of bartenders, and thousands of aficionados will join forces across Buenos Aires, participating in guided tours, special drink menus, pop-ups, talks, workshops, and more.

BA Cóctel is an enjoyable – and responsible! – way to drink yourself across the city, and you definitely don’t want to miss it. The guided tours through certain barrios or that take on certain themes are always fun, but even if you can’t make it, the abundant drink specials and cocktail craziness happening all over town will surely get you in a festive mood. Stay tuned for our detailed look at what the week has in store, but until then check out BA Cóctel’s social media for more (we recommend Twitter if you’re keen for some trivia with your tipple).

BA Cóctel – Semana de la Coctelería | May 4 – 11 | Bars across Buenos Aires | Web | Instagram 

M.E.S.A de Otoño

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M.E.S.A. significa Menús de Estación con Sabores de Argentina y es una semana gastronómica en la que los chefs y restaurantes participantes diseñan menús y platos con los productos elegidos de cada temporada. Este otoño tenemos festejo doble: no solo celebramos la edición N° 12 sino también que se cumplen 3 ciclos completos de esta iniciativa de A.C.E.L.G.A. (Asociación de Cocineros y Empresarios Ligados a la Gastronomía Argentina): 3 otoños, 3 inviernos, 3 primaveras, 3 veranos. En todo este tiempo hemos sumado productos, productores y técnicos, chefs y restaurantes, localidades y, por sobre todo, comensales. Nuestro objetivo siempre es el mismo: difundir los beneficios de comer lo que ofrece cada estación en restaurantes y en nuestros hogares, aprovechar cada alimento en su mejor momento y seguir profundizando en la construcción de una identidad y cultura gastronómica argentina. HSBC #ModoMesa #MESAdeEstacion #MESAdeOtoño

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If you aren’t eating seasonally at this point, something is clearly wrong with you. It’s never been easier – or more delicious – to eat fresh, local ingredients in Argentina when they’re at their best, and much of this is thanks in part to the M.E.S.A de Estación initiative. Each season, standout ingredients are selected and then woven into special menus created by the country’s best chefs from a variety of restaurants. You, the dinner guest, are treated to an utterly splendid experience of learning more about Argentina’s culinary offering while you’re noshing on a dish that showcases a certain chef’s ability and point of view.

It’s really a win-win experience, let’s be honest. This autumn, MESA will honor sweet potatoes, mushrooms, walnuts, and mandarin oranges. Count me in! We’ll be doing a more in-depth write up of this season’s crop, but until then be sure to check out MESA’s website and Instagram to get a head-start.

MESA de Estación – Otoño | May 7 – 13 | Restaurants across Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata, Rosario, Córdoba, Mendoza, Río Negro/Neuquén | Web | Instagram