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Mauro Colagreco is Argentina’s First Three-Star Michelin Chef

His restaurant, Mirazur, is located on the French Riviera.

By | [email protected] | January 22, 2019 1:58pm

maurochef1Mauro Colagreco (Photo by Ana Lorenzana from Food and Wine en Español)

So the Oscar nominations were announced today, but since we didn’t have anybody in the running for the acclaimed film awards this year (we still love you mucho, El Ángel) we’re going with the next best thing, albeit from the culinary world (which, let’s face it, is the best world out there).

Yesterday, in front of an anxious crowd gathered at the Salle Gaveau in Paris, it was announced that two chefs were awarded the most prestigious honor the craft has to offer: three Michelin stars. And one of them just happened to be for Argentina’s own Mauro Colagreco who has been making all sorts of noise with his restaurant Mirazur, located along France’s Côte d’Azur. Mirazur, by the way, also ranks third in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, 2018 edition.

Mirazur (Photo via The Wordrobe)

Kind of a Big Deal

To put it bluntly: this is huge. Bigger than huge. It’s just epic. Not only is Colagreco the first Argentine to ever achieve three star status, but he’s now the first chef born outside of France to win the distinction with a restaurant located in French territory. Just to give a little perspective, take into account the following:

  • The Michelin guide states that two stars are awarded to restaurants that are worth deviating from your planned route to visit. Michelin only award three stars to restaurants that are worth a complete detour from your intended itinerary;
  • In France, considered a culinary mecca, there are only 27 restaurants with three Michelin stars;
  • For many chefs, three stars are quite simply the biggest honor they could receive and many go out of their way to achieve them. Consider the case of Bernard Louseau, one of Colagreco’s past teachers. In 2003, upon the rumor that he would be stripped of his three stars (after losing two points in France’s rival foodie bible, Gault Millau) he committed suicide.

Colagreco’s Roots

Born in 1976, Mauro Colagreco began his culinary studies with Beatriz Chomnalez and Gato Dumas before moving to France in 2001 and completing his studies at Lycee Hotelier in La Rochelle. Besides the aforementioned Louseau, he worked with such heavyweights as Alain Passard, Alain Ducasse, and Guy Martin. He opened Mirazur in Menton in 2006, earning his first Michelin star less than one year later.

Aside from Mirazur, he owns Grande Coeur and L’Estivale in France, Carne in Argentina, Grill 58 in Macao, and the newly minted Florie in Palm Beach, Florida. During his acceptance speech, Colagreco mentioned his colleagues as “his example” while expressing: “I came from Argentina in search of the excellence that you represent. French cuisine is the best cuisine in the world.”

Photo via One Radio


After the news was announced, social media both in Argentina and around the world was abuzz.

Paz Levinson, the acclaimed Argentine sommelier currently living in Paris, was proud to say she’d been there in person:

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Que privilegio ser testigo de este momento. !

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Meanwhile, local wineries were also quick to join in:

Even world-class chefs, such as Daniel Boulud, expressed admiration and joy for their colleague:

Last but certainly not least, the local team at Carne was sure to spread some love: