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Move Over Kanye, Mauricio Macri Has Joined Snapchat

By | [email protected] | March 21, 2016 12:18pm


President Mauricio Macri joined Snapchat this weekend and announced it on Facebook with a glorious video whose aesthetic can only be described as “16-year-old Chaz goes wild in MS Paint to announce his summer plans to follow around Skrillex.”

Mac took the time to explain Snapchat to us thusly: “Now I have Snapchat. What is Snapchat? It’s not so easy to explain. But it’s easy to use.”

“Part of the interest in Snapchat is that is ideal for sharing moments on video in real time and see what is happening from the inside.” Really? But what will you use it for? “We are going to use it by publishing in my Snapchat story situations that generally stay out of what the people and the press can see.” Ah, dale.

AHORA TENGO SNAPCHAT ¿QUÉ ES SNAPCHAT?Parece que no es tan fácil explicar qué es Snapchat ni para qué sirve. Sin embargo es muy fácil de usar. En este momento hay más de 100 millones de personas en el mundo que usan Snapchat, entre ellas grandes marcas de noticias como CNN, Forbes, USA Today, Vox, Now This, The Wall Street Journal… Es un fenómeno de comunicación que está cruzando todos los niveles del planeta. Parte del interés sobre Snapchat es que resulta ideal para compartir momentos en video en tiempo real y ver lo que está ocurriendo desde adentro. Así al menos lo vamos a usar nosotros publicando en mi historia de Snapchat situaciones que generalmente quedan afuera de lo que la gente y la prensa pueden ver. A partir de mañana empezamos, y el miércoles vamos a cubrir en vivo la visita de Barack Obama ante una enorme audiencia de personas de todas partes del mundo. Si tenés la aplicación o te la bajás de, podés sumarme ahora mismo. Mi usuario es Mauriciomacri. Veremos qué sale. Va a ser divertido ; )

Posted by Mauricio Macri on Sunday, March 20, 2016

He will start by documenting Obama’s visit to the City of Buenos Aires on Wednesday, which hopefully features the two palling around on the pitch at la Bombonera and feeding each other bites of lomo.  A girl can dream.

His “Snapchat story,” a series of photos and videos that all people following him can see is as follows:

You can find our Mac at his username: MauricioMacri.

This is the latest in Macri’s moves to get in with millennials, it would seem, following him busting out his dance moves on election night in front of everyone, then, he made me want to scream “Daaaaaaaad!” and slam the door to my room when he announced his cabinet with emojis.