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Feria Masticar is Back and Looks Delicious

By | [email protected] | April 16, 2015 8:23pm


Shout out to all my fellow eaters!

Between the 16th and the 19th of April the food fair Feria Masticar is taking place for the fourth time at “El Dorrego” (located at the corner of Zapiola and Dorrego, in Palermo Hollywood).

The fair has two major players: one is Masticar, which brings known chefs together with incredible food and teaches people how to cook. The other is Estaciones Saludables, an organization that look to empower people with new ways of getting healthier.


Masticar offers guests the chance to some great food from pricey restaurants at pretty accessible prices (around 60 pesos each plate). Fine wines and artisanal beers from all over the country will also be available to taste so prepare your livers palates. It should be fun.

People will also have the chance to buy seasonal products from local vendors. Artisanal cheese really is autumnal bliss, so go on and wander the stalls from the 80 local producers slash culinary badasses.

One last tip from a well-fed pro – get there early. Feria Masticar is infamous for filling up fast with hungry hordes. Nothing ruins an appetite quite like standing in line just to look at food.

Early bird catches the wormwood roasted lamb shank, as they say.