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Massa Practiced Debating with a Scioli Cardboard Cutout and It Worked

By | [email protected] | October 5, 2015 11:53am


A New Alternative Candidate (UNA) presidential candidate Sergio Massa was so delighted with his performance at the first-even presidential debate last night that he has asked for another one before election day.

Better still, before last night’s historic event, Massa did a trial run of the debate standing next to a life-size cartoon figure of Victory Front (FpV) candidate Daniel Scioli, who would not be attending the event.

No joke:

Photo via Perfil.

Photo via Perfil.

Laugh all you will, but this slightly creepy new and innovative move seemed to work.

A survey carried out by Infobae has him down as the candidate that stood out most from the debate, a stat that has Massa buzzing for more.

“Given how successful the debate was and the level of interest people showed, I think it would be fantastic to meet again. It would be fantastic to have some follow-up questions,” he said in a conversation with Luis Novaresio on La Red radio.

He didn’t get to bring his big toy Scioli with him to the debate, but Massa did ask for 15 seconds of silence to ensure that every member of the audience had taken due notice of the empty lectern where the Victory Front candidate should have stood.

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