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Masambre: Buenos Aires’ New Taco Pop-Up

By | [email protected] | September 30, 2016 4:25pm


Think tacos in Buenos Aires are boring? As of tomorrow, you may have to rethink your stance on that. MASA Club de Tacos and Matambre, Comida Salvaje are getting together on Saturday for the first of many afternoons of pure, delicious taco madness — aptly named Masambre.

In a culinary panorama where tacos aren’t what they’re supposed to be, you can either go with the flow of unauthentic boring knock offs, or embrace the taco anarchy and push it even further. From the very beginning San Telmo’s fast food counter Matambre and puertas cerradas MASA decided — individually — to go for the second option.

Matambre opened up its doors earlier this year, offering a fork-free menu of innovative burgers, sandwiches, tacos and even hot dogs that are meant to be eaten with your bare hands (the way God intended). Closed door MASA has been offering an alternative to all of us who’ve been let down by the severe lack of good tacos in Buenos Aires.

Then one day they met. Kevin — the brain and hands behind MASA — discovered what would quickly become one of his favorite spots in town. I’ve been a Matambre fanboy since day one” he told The Bubble. Full disclosure — Kevin is also The Bubble’s weekly food columnist. Where some see a conflict of interest we see legitimately delicious food worth talking about. But back to Kevin. When first visiting Matambre, he immediately felt a connection to the restaurant and its cooks, Clara and Mandarina. Not only did he love the food, but he also found that they all shared a particular approach to cooking. With MASA I am trying to create a space that represents me and I don’t adapt my food palate or philosophy to other people’s needs, and in that sense we share a lot in common,” he explains.


The care for the product, the slow cooking methods, the embracing of old cooking traditions — “the past rewriting the future” as Clara Inés likes to put it — are just some of the areas where Matambre and MASA found a connection. But more than anything it was the desire to explore, to experience and let their imagination lead in the kitchen that brought the cooks together.

So eventually Kevin proposed a collaboration. And that is exactly what is happening tomorrow: all of the cooks will be working together on a special menu that was born after long (and we can imagine fun) brainstorming sessions between the three of them. I had been looking for places to do a pop-up event but I wasn’t so much interested in taking over a kitchen with my own team as I was finding a cook that I got on with really well and collaborating and creating something that wasn’t just about me but a shared experience. Kevin said. “Because sharing is what MASA is all about.” 

On tomorrow’s menu you will be able to find a couple of starters or picoteos including morcilla and spicy fennel flautas, three creative tacos — how does barbacoa with peanuts sound to you? The menu includes options for veggie lovers, vegans and celiacs too. And of course, there will be dessert. To get the full menu check Masambre’s Facebook Event.



Saturday, October 1st | 12 PM to 8 PM


Matambre Comida Salvaje | Piedras 672