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María Eugenia Vidal Ahead In Polls For BA Province Governor

By | [email protected] | October 26, 2015 1:03am


With 61 percent of votes counted, Cambiemos candidate for Buenos Aires Province Governor  María Eugenia Vidal is over five points ahead of Victory Front (FpV) candidate and current Cabinet Chief Aníbal Fernández leading by 39.79 percent to 34.7 percent in what would be a shock result for the traditionally Peronist province.

Vidal is even ahead of Cambiemos candidate Mauricio Macri, also surprisingly ahead in the presidential polls with 35.57 percent of votes with 77.43 percent of votes counted.

Vidal spoke triumphantly from the Cambiemos bunker, thanking pretty much everyone, especially the voters from the poorer regions of the province, saying that she had listened to the voters and she would always be there for them. Minor stumble: “We are leaving the future to go back to the past,” she said before quickly correcting herself to mean the other way round. Her detractors must have loved that.

Cambiemos had claimed to have taken control of various areas around Buenos Aires Province, including in Bahía Blanca, Pilar, Mar del Plata, Junín and San Pedro, as well as taking back control of Vicente López and San Isidro and winning in La Plata, as Vidal and Fernández are battling it out to inherit the position currently held by FpV presidential candidate Daniel Scioli.

This isn’t overly surprising in Vicente López and San Isidro, considered two of the biggest Cambiemos strongholds alongside Buenos Aires City.

However, in Pilar it’s more of a shock, as FpV candidate Nicolás Ducoté admitted defeat, saying that “people asked for a change.” The Justicialist Party has been ruling in Pilar since 1973, so this would really represent a historic victory for Cambiemos.

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