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Maradona Writes Letter to FIFA Over ‘Jinx’ Status

By | [email protected] | June 23, 2014 11:17am


Following the scandal that broke on Saturday afternoon after Julio Grondona, the head of the Argentine Football Association, said that Argentina managed to score one goal against Iran only after “jinxed” Diego Maradona left the stadium, the the former football superstar decided to respond in a surprisingly adult and level-headed letter that he addressed to FIFA in which he said that Argentina won not because he left the game, but because Messi is a freaking genius.

In his open letter, which he read last night on his Telesur TV show “De Zurda,” Maradona said that calling him a jinx is “perverse” and that “if it’s luck we’re talking about, I’m the luckiest guy in the world.” Watch the video in which he reads the letter below.



“Those boys coming out into the field part of our national team are not strangers to me, on the contrary, they are my friends, my brothers, and those who know me well know that. I will give my life for my country, my family and my friends, and I would never wish them wrong. You have to be perverse to claim such a thing.

“Swollen ankles… tears of joy and sadness from the sport are the trophies that I hold in my arms, because talent can’t be stained. Messi’s magic is indisputable and is not the result of a jinx. It’s not because of luck, because if it’s luck we’re talking about, I’m a lucky guy. I feel the people’s love everyday: the same people who loved me as a player and who still loves me today.

“We’re building a new Latin America that is at odds with the great powers that manipulate the world. They will not erase the smile from our faces; they will not take away the joy of celebrating a World Cup that is beautiful…”


Yeah, that last part about the establishment is not very related to this, but you know Maradona, he can’t help it.

Slow clap, sir.


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