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Maradona Vows Revenge After He Isn’t Allowed To Leave Argentina

By | [email protected] | August 29, 2016 11:45am


For a couple years, now Diego Maradona has been dividing his time between his job as a sports ambassador for the city of Dubai — don’t ask for the job description — and his hobby of making headlines as a result of a controversial statement or event in Argentina, which often seems like his real job.

Diego spent the last three months in the country and had been doing a good job of staying in the spotlight. Over the last week alone, he hit the headlines twice: he took on Lionel Messi for quitting (and later returning to) the national team and acknowledged that a child he had been refusing to recognize as his own for almost 30 years, was, in fact his offspring. For those keeping count at home, that brought his child count to six, with four different women.

But it seems he couldn’t leave Argentina without one more controversy. He was set to return to Dubai yesterday, but when passing Customs he was not able to make it into the Duty Free Shops (where he would have surely stocked up on Toblerone), a Customs officer informed him he wasn’t allowed to leave the country because his passport had been reported as stolen.

According to a journalist for TV channel TN who was at the airport at the moment, Maradona lost his cool and proceeded to unleash mayhem all over the place.

“Maradona screaming at Ezeiza Airport!”

“He presented his ID before Customs authorities but it showed up in the system that he couldn’t travel with the passport”

“Customs didn’t let him travel with that reported passport. Diego, upset, decided to take out an express passport.”

“Emirates (airlines) told Maradona they would wait for him until 9:15 PM, but he couldn’t get his passport on time and the company…”

“Shut the gate and Maradona didn’t travel.”

Although news agency NA reported shortly after that Maradona was actually left stranded because his passport had expired, Diego stuck to his truth, assured it was all the work of his political enemies and promised revenge: “This is not going to stand. It’s clearly the work of a traitor politician. That’s why I told (lawyer, Matias) Morla to go to the courts and clear this up. Now I’m going back to my house, mad as hell so they better get ready tomorrow, because I’m not going to stop until I find out who did this,” he told Ciudad outlet.

Whatever the truth, Maradona had to go back to his house in Tigre, Buenos Aires province.

It all marks the end of a tumultuous week for Maradona, who somehow found it necessary to once again get into a what-for tiff with Messi. This time, he accused Messi of seeking to get people to stop talking about the team’s failure by quitting the team. “I think he got upset about nothing,” Maradona said. “He rushed to say that, after having the entire country on the edge and a lot of kids crying. I don’t know if it was all a set-up to make us forget that they lost three finals at the last minute.”