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Maradona in Trouble Again After Seemingly Hitting Girlfriend in Leaked Video

By | [email protected] | October 29, 2014 9:26pm


Once again, former football superstar Diego Maradona is in trouble.

And this time it´s because of a video that recently surfaced in which it looks like he’s beating then-girlfriend Rocío Oliva.

The thirty second video shows an (apparently drunk) Maradona who is mad at Oliva because she won’t put down her cell phone, and it looks like he hits her twice while she asks him to stop.

Maradona has since talked to the press saying he takes responsibility for his actions but swears that he was just trying to snatch the phone from her, not hit her, and that he has never hit a woman in his life.

After Oliva and Maradona broke up last March, she mentioned several times that she had to deal with gender violence and physical abuse several times when they were together. She also said she had proof of this. However, she never filed a police report or pressed charges.