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Man Dances Half-Naked on Terrace; Police Find Gun Arsenal in His Car Upon Arrival

The strange episode happened in La Plata after several neighbors complained.

By | [email protected] | April 23, 2019 9:08am


It seems that it has officially become my mission to uncover the weird and downright bizarre news from Argentina for The Bubble. For some reason, the people that party with their grandpa’s skull and the ones that tattoo their legs with QR codes always orbit really close to my center of gravity. Not complaining at all, though… I’d much rather be stuck sitting at the freak table than have to sit in the one with all the corrupt politicians and snobby CEOs. But that’s just me, I guess. Which leads me to today’s insane, WTF bit of news, which comes from La Plata, for a change.

So what exactly are we looking at in the video above? Well, let me introduce you to Mariano Emanuel Federico, otherwise known as the neighbor from hell. It turns out that Federico was well known among the people of Calle 36 because of his disturbing shenanigans, which featured an item-by-item list of the most obnoxious acts a human being can do to annoy the people living close by.

This included (taking deep breath): playing full blown music from 8 AM to 11 PM, or sometimes later, taking trips on his motorcycle all along his street at early hours of the morning, throwing his dog’s feces all over the sidewalk and, of course, dancing seminude on the roof of his house. The video actually shows him taking his pants down while the woman filming tells her 8 year-old daughter to stop looking. I’m still trying to identify the killer track that he’s dancing to, so any help with that will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

There was one last, quite disturbing, act of douchery performed by Federico, one that takes this story to a whole new level: he would actually scream out threats, stating that he would kill his neighbors and set their cars on fire. This last one turned out to be his undoing. Complaints started to pile on and the police eventually decided to step in and pay the man a visit.

What they found was that his threats had more behind them than just insane “man dancing seminude in his roof” rambling. Mr. Federico had a full-blown gun arsenal in the trunk of his car which included (takes another deep breath): a 9-mm Bersa pistol, a 22-mm Appeal Semiautomatic rifle, a 12/70 caliber Stopping Power shotgun, and enough ammunition to invade a small country; to which his neighbors replied, quite bluntly:


Even though Federico had a permit for possession of his guns, he did not have one for carrying them, a small difference that states you can have them for activities like hunting as long as you store them unloaded, which they were, obviously, not. So he was, fortunately taken away under arrest.

Still no news on when he will be released, so if you’re reading this from the comfort of your home on Calle 36 in La Plata between 29 and 30, I would advise you get the hell out of there, take a trip until things chill down a bit and maybe this guy gets put in some sort of mental institution (fingers crossed). And for all you other readers out there, whenever you feel about bitching about how obnoxious your neighbor is, try finding solace in the fact that at least you don’t have Mr. Mariano Emanuel Federico living next door.