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Macri ‘Totally’ Stands By Peronism, Sort Of

By | [email protected] | February 24, 2015 11:47pm


City Mayor and presidential hopeful Mauricio Macri gave an interview to Radio Mitre today in which he said he “stands by” Peronist values and ideas. I know, right? What?

But wait! Before we suddenly declare him a soldier of Perón, he said he stands by its ideas, but “not by what the party has been doing for the last 25 years”.

“(Peronist ideas) have to be maintained. They’re based on the search for social justice, equal opportunities and social advancement. What I do not support is what the Partido Justicialista (the Peronist party) has done in the last 25 years”, he said in reference to the Menem (1989-1999) and the Kirchner (2003-2015) administrations.

“Under those ideals,” he continued, “they only cared about themselves. They saved themselves (financially). They don’t remember the people who voted them”.

However, and despite this apprehension towards the recent history of Peronism, the PRO party leader announced recently that he had struck an alliance with Carlos Reutemann, former Governor of Santa Fe, a Peronist leader in the province and a former Formula 1 racer.

Reutemann, or “Lole”, as he is popularly called, said Macri “really understands what his province and the farming sector (currently antagonized by the current government) need. There’s speculation that Reutemann could even run as his Vice-President in the October elections after Macri acknowledged having him as a running mate could be cool.

During the interview Macri said that Reutemann “has acted correctly”, and repeated his initial attack of Peronism (in practice) by declaring that “the flags of Peronism need to be risen, but it needs to be done the right way”.

When reminded that “Lole” in fact stood with former President Carlos Menem in the 90’s, Macri replied that: “Everyone who’s in the government today has had a Menemist past”. Which is true.

“I’m not here to defend any past decade, I’m here to build the future” he concluded.